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Travelport - Advertising/ Marketing

No description

Chris Collins

on 5 July 2013

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Transcript of Travelport - Advertising/ Marketing

Maximise Advertising Revenues
Travelport - Here and Now
Bulk of advertising products sold to the hotel industry
Sector represents close to 95% of total sales
Predominate source of sales for 5 out of six products.
Multi-source travel content
Empowered selling experience
Open access
360 Full Service Airline Carriers
346,000 Hotels
Car and Rail service providers
Existing Products

Travelport Electronic Direct Mail
Travelport Featured Property
Travelport Headlines
Travelport Online Itinerary Advertising
Travelport Sign-On Messages
Travelport Sponsored Flights

Introducing Travelport Showcase
By utilising Content Marketing, Direct Marketing, Social Engagement and Advance Web-based technology, further products and services can be offered - value for money, ROI and an additional revenue source.
CMS (Content Management System)
Web/ Mobile/ Tablet
Calls to action

Profile Airlines, Hotels, Cars and Rail via responsive content pages with content and calls to action tied into existing products and services
Standard Content Page
Special Offer Page
Offers & Specials

Calls to Action
GDS Code
Email PDF copy to agent
More info
Live Chat
Link to GDS?

Travelport Sidebar
XML feed
Profile, Specials, Offers
URL Link to showcase
$ Paid For Profiling
$ Paid for Responsive Pages
Agent Login Required
Travelport EDM
Grow ancillary revenues by maximising visibility of content rich marketing on a web/mobile/tablet platform.

This is backed up with intelligent analytics, that provide insights into traffic and conversions into sales
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