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Angela's Ashes

No description

Courtney Smith

on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of Angela's Ashes

by Courtney Smith and Alyssa Huth Angela's Ashes Culture In Ireland in the 1930s, the men would work and the women would stay home with the children.
Many people, especially children, got sick or hungry and died.
Death became an everyday thing for the poor Irish families at that time.
Frank's siblings, Oliver, Eugene, and Margaret died when they were very young from these causes. Culture cont. The rich children would make fun of Frank and his siblings for wearing raggedy clothing or inadequate shoes.
Though Frank hated this teasing, it made his stronger.
Even though he missed Ireland greatly, he overcame stereotypes and got what he had dreamed about his whole life - to go to America. Angela's Ashes This book is about a young, Catholic, Irish boy named Frank McCourt.
McCourt is also the author of the book.
This story is about the hardships of a poor family in the 1930s in Limerick, Ireland.
Set in 1936, the story shows the difficult lives of Angela McCourt, her husband, Malachy and their children
At a young age, Frank had the responsibility of tending to his siblings, Malachy, Margaret, Eugene, Oliver, Michael, and Alphonsus
Environment The McCourts lived in a very difficult and unpleasant environment
They lived in a small apartment
Frank's father drank away all the money he earned
Frank's mother had no money to care for her children
Frank and his siblings were often forced to steal food just to stay alive
"Dad says Eugene is lucky to have brothers like Malachy and me because we help him forget and soon, with God's help, he'll have no memory of Oliver at all. He died anyway" (82) Irish Folktales McCourt's father would come home drunk almost every night, singing old patriotic Irish songs Environment cont.
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