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No description

Matt Ac

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of MoonFace

At the beginning MoonFace is having a birthday party with his friends and family. About a week later MoonFace is really ill, people think it is nothing. Moonface gets sicker and sicker, the sickness has no cure.On night MoonFace sees a space ship crash behind the hill. MoonFace meets a boy on that hill,they become very close beacuse the boy doesn't care about Moonfaces sicknesses,In the end Moonface discovers that the boy has the same name as Moonface and that he is an alien, So the Boy tells Moonface that where he is from the people can cure his sickness, but he can never return back to earth , so Moonface decides to stay home and accept people thinking he is different.

The Magor Crisis
The major crisis in the story is that Moonface gets a sickness that has no cure for it. So Moonface has to chose to stay on earth and die or go with the alien and live for ever.
The complication of the story is that Moonface has a lot of friends and loses them all because he gets a illness that will kill him and there is no hope.
3.Sometimes the intro will focus on character. At other times it concentrates on introducing the setting.on which does this introduction focus on at the very beginning? defend your choice.

In moon face I believe that the introduction was focused on the main character because it talked about who moon face was, how he looked and what kind of person he was (friendly,family oriented) it also talked about the complication he was dealing with (sickness).

Exploring the Character :*
1. Moonface (alien)
kind- Moonface was kid to Maurice although he knew that no bod else liked him.
friendly- Moonface is friendly to maurice even though he is an alien.
2.)In what why does the introduction serve to introduce the plot?

The introduction establishes who the main character is (Moonface) where the story is located(im not sure ) and what the complication is (moon face is sick with unknown sickness)

Three step process
1. The conflict of the story is Moonface (human) has a illness that has no cure
2. The kids of the town don't talk to him because of the illness
3. Moonface the alien comes to earth and shows Moonface the human that it is not too late.
The Complication
By Richardo Keens-Douglas
Moonface #1 (Human)
Moonface #2 (Alein)
Mental Traits:
Physical Traits:
moon shaped head, brightest eyes

Social Traits:
many friends,close to family,polite to neighbors.
Emotional traits:
depressed, happy,
Maurice Weillington
Thinking question
1. What do you think Moonface the human chose to stay and give his friends a chance?
2. If you were Moonface the human would you go with the alien? Explain. <3
2. emotion- happy
reasoning- he was at his birthday party
resoning-his frineds would no longer talk to him.
reasoning-finally made a friend (moonface)
reasoning-moonface came to earth
confident-tells moonface that he wants to stay on earth to prove to people hes god enough for them.

goals-to change the people to like moonface more.
forces opposing main character-people in town not understanding his illness.
type of conflict- the people of the town trying to get moonface & his family out of town.

3. Why do you think the people of the town would be so rude to Moonface and his family just because Moonface has a illness? Explain.
3. goals- to change the people to like moonface more.
forces opposing main character-people in town not understanding moonfaces illness.
type of conflict-trying to get the family out of town by slashing their tires and burning down shed.
Main characteristics:*
happy,determined,Adventurous,funny,optimistic,cheerful,affectionate, lively,brave tough,charming,loving,self-aware,enthusiastic ,sincere, light hearted

4.)In what ways does the material presented in the introduction relate to the conclusion of the story?

In the start the story talks about how nice of a person moon face was and how nice he was to his friends and family and how he was a caring person.At the end of the story when he was told he could get cured by the alien ,in his home town ,he refused because he wanted to stay true to his family and friends.He didn't want to leave them he wanted to go but then he realized that it didn't matter what they think of him , he would still care for them!

Exploring Setting:

1.) select one setting in Moon face, and list as many words and phrases as you can to describe it.Using some of these, write a paragraph describing the setting in the story.
words:Loving environment, calm,fun,a gathering,party,celebration,happy.

At the beginning of the story it was Moon face's 13th birthday party and his friends and family gathered together to celebrate his birthday.Everyone was happy,they were enjoying each others company.

2.)write a description of the actual surroundings of one of the locations in the story.
(Before Moon face meets Moon face)
Pitch black ,except for the moon it was shinning.It was a calm and peaceful night.In seconds the night sky lights up, to what looks like thousands of candles in one.All is silent again, the sky is dark now, the light has disappeared behind the hill.

3.) How is the setting used to create an effective atmosphere or mood in the story?

The setting is a major factor in the story because if it was a sunny day the mood was happy and upbeat.If it was a dark night the mood would be eerie and mysterious.

4.)How is the setting used to create suspense.(check with "Introduction" Question #1)

The setting was used at some parts in the story to create senescence.In the one part when moon face is in bed looking up into the sky he noticed that there was a burning light heading toward the hill.The story captured the suspense by how the described the light source and Moon faces reaction to the light. it was also suspenseful when Moon face went to investigate what the light was because the reader didn't know what Moon face would find.

Thank you classmates and teacher for listening to our presentation. By Matt, Brenda, and Taylor. Now we will play a game.
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