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Assistive Technology Procedures

No description

Elizabeth Dougherty

on 17 October 2017

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Transcript of Assistive Technology Procedures

Assistive Technology
Request Trial
Training / Staff Development
Student Consultation
When do I complete an AT report?
AT Report DENIED? Here's why...
If you have any questions, please contact one of the AT specialists! There are two of us...
Request for Services
YES! It's working!
Follow procedures to add AT to IEP online
Then fill out an AT report and submit via portal
Nope! No good!
Complete and submit the return form via the portal
Print return form, tape to AT solution and bring to the local school media center for IMT courier pick up.
A new trial may be requested by submitting a new form via the portal
One of the AT specialists comes out to the school to consult with the teacher about areas of need
The AT Specialist and teacher will meet to discuss AT needs. Please have any relevant work samples available.
The AT specialist may make recommendations to trial one or more AT solution
The AT solution(s) will be issued for trial (if it is in stock) and will be delivered to the local school media center using the IMT courier system.
The trial period of
30 days
is intended for the IEP team to collect data to show effectiveness of the solution prior to being added to the IEP
Guidelines for Trials
They don't go home!
After 30 days, action is required!
I don't know yet!
An extension may be granted
Email the AT specialist with a valid reason why more time is needed to collect data
AT Solution Training
An AT specialist will train student, teacher and/or other IEP team member on a specific AT solution
Staff Development Training
An AT specialist will present to a group of teachers/department
Assistive Technology 101
Academic/Vision Solutions
Communication Solutions
UDL & Freeware
AT Report
After the IEP Team has determined the AT is effective through
data collection
After the IEP team decides the AT solution is needed to support one or more IEP objective
After the IEP team has added the AT solution to IEP online
AT requested isn't relevant to an objective within the IEP
The AT report form is incomplete
The AT is not noted in IEP online correctly
Assistive Technology MUST be noted in
areas of IEP online:
Within the
Description of Needs
This is where you need to describe exactly what assistive technology the student is using in each of areas to accomplish tasks.
You CAN use names of specific pieces of equipment and software or Vendor name here. This area, minutes and parent concerns are the ONLY place you can list the specific names of equipment.
You must check one of the checkboxes to indicate whether the student (1) does not require AT, (2) needs a consultation, or (3) is currently using AT.
If you check "consultation" or "currently using" you
go into the area checklist(s) above the boxes and provide information on strategies or AT supports that have been attempted (shown below with the double blue arrows).
You may check "currently using" AND "consultation" for a student whose current AT solutions are not effectively supporting their objective and further evaluation for additional solutions is needed. *In this case, a request for services form must then be completed and submitted via the portal.
Make sure to check the AT box if an AT solution is needed for the objective
AT solution descriptives
In Considerations and Objectives, AT devices should not be named specifically. Please use the following general descriptors for AT solutions:
Alphasmart, Neo or Forte = Portable Word Processor
Co:Writer = Word Prediction Software
Write:Outloud = Audible Word Processing Software
Paperport = Document Management and Form Filling Software
PixWriter, Writing With Symbols = Symbol Based Word Processing
Franklin Spelling Ace = Handheld (talking) Spell Checkers
Zoomtext = Video Magnification Software
Talking Calculator = Speech Output Calculator
MathPad, MathPad Plus = Electronic Math Worksheet Software
Watchminder = Electronic Prompting Device
Dragon Naturally Speaking = Voice Recognition Software
Hearing Assistive Technology = Personal Amplification System
Big Mack, Little Mack = Single Message Voice Output Communication Aid
Little/Big Step by Step = Single Button, Multiple Message Voice Output Communication Aid
Tech Talk/ Cheaptalk 8 = 8 button, multi-level Voice Output Communication Aid
Jellybean, Bigred, Spec Switches, Ultimate Switches= Accessibility Switches
Intellikeys = Alternate Keyboard
Kennsington Orbit Trackball = Trackball Mouse device
Touchscreen = Direct Touch Alternate Mouse Device

For a device to be approved for home use there MUST be documentation within the IEP that it is required for home. This documentation should be placed in the box at the bottom of the AT considerations and in the PLAAFP under description of needs. Once in the IEP, the case manager can fill out a "Homeloan Request" form and email to the AT specialist. The AT specialist will review the request and fill in replacement cost after confirmation is made within IEP online for appropriate documentation.
Homeloan Documentation
Specific Example
"A portable word processor and AAC with VOCA is required in the school, community and home setting to provide academic support in the area of writing and expressive communication."
The Assistive Technology Department
mission is to improve student
achievement, productivity,
independence and inclusion by
enhancing access and knowledge
of assistive technology and
increasing student performance
in their curriculum and
communication using appropriate
assistive technology solutions
Academic AT solutions are support by:

Libby Griffith, M.Ed.

Assistive Technology Specialist
Special Education Department
ISC- 437 Old Peachtree Road NW
Suwanee, GA 30024-2978

Office: 678-301-7153
Fax: 678-442-5100
AT Academic Support
AT Supports for Communication
Communication AT solutions are support by:

Dr. Debra Mastin

Assistive Technology Specialist
Special Education Department
ISC- 437 Old Peachtree Road NW
Suwanee, GA 30024-2978

Office: 678-301-7148
Fax: 678-442-5099
Procedures for AT support:
Further Questions?
Please see the
Policies and Procedures
document regarding AT located in the Special Education Handbook!
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