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Marxism H&SC

No description

Leigh McDermott

on 19 September 2016

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Transcript of Marxism H&SC

1. People are controlled by the economic system

2. People are controlled by their place in society
Marxism Key points!
'poor' group in society
2 Types of Social Class
'Owners' e.g own factories & land
'Richer' members of society
Marxism says there will be conflict between the two groups as one
the other
Doctors serve the interest of the rich & powerful by getting people well & back to work - they monitor how much time people have off work
Key point: Doctors are agents of the bourgeoisie
use proletariat to make money
Used by the bourgeoisie to make money in their factories
There are 3 people involved
Marxism & the health system
1. Proletariat
2. Bourgeoisie
3. Doctors
1. How does using a doctor to make the workforce more healthy benefit the bourgeoisie?
How does Marxism view ill health?
Marxism states companies make money from workers using products which cause ill health
Illness is due to Social Class
Marxism =
How does social class decide your health?
How does making & selling cigarettes benefit the bourgeoisie?
Explain how society is divided between the two classes
How does Marxism see ill health?
Q. What could be main reason for conflict between an employer & employee
Who is being exploited? Explain why.
Think about the role of the owners, workers & doctors
LO1 & LO2 & LO3
1. Use material to develop group/own understanding of Marxist theory

2. Analyse the apple article - relate ideas to Marxism

3. Construct Marxist theory in the form of the Simpsons

1. The key protagonists of marxism:
a) The Proletariat
b) The Bourgeoise
c) Agents of the Bourgeoise

2. How they interact to control society
Who are the proletariat?

What is their function?
Do you now know who they are?
Who are the bourgeoise?

What is their function?

Do you now know who & what the bourgeoise do?
Summarise the relationship between the proletariat & the bourgeoise.

For your assignment/P1

Using the Simpsons as an analogy, describe the theory of marxism & and how this impacts on health.

The role of Homer
The role of Mr Burns
The role of Dr Hibberd

How Homer & Mr Burns interact
How Mr Burns & his organisation can affect health.
Who is more likely to be more unhealthy & why
1. In your groups deconstruct the information on Marxism

Think about:
points you see as relevant
social class- which ones?
Money - who makes the most?
Any solutions? - what form does this take?

2. Create an informed overview of Marxism
Social class? Does this matter?
Power between the different groups
Solutions to the problem - would these work
elaborate upon this!!!!1
Task 2:
Produce a worked example of how marxist theory applies to the iphone factory in China
Is this situation OK? Give me reasons why!
Last lesson:
1. Analysed article - Marxism example
2. started to construct Marxism theory

LO Inspect your partners article and give a verdict upon it.

LO Simplify theory to incorporate relevant example for Marxism

LO Enhance your paragraph incorporating your example

Marking Criteria
1. Is the work in paragraphs?
2. Does the work show two groups in society?
3. Is there an explanation about the relationship of those two groups?
4. Does it mention exploitation
5. What would you say to the writer to get them to improve the work?

Task: Thin k about the apple article

how does the smoking example work?
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