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Where in the world does our food come from?

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kennedy pate

on 20 September 2013

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Transcript of Where in the world does our food come from?

Where in the world does our food come from?
As I researched the development of Bentonville scene fast food
Fast food restaurants tend to cluster around places with lots of houses and corporations.
The down town area has changed because it is much more busy and alive, with many more buildings.
The person that I interviewed said that the changes have been good and bad. It has brought Crystal Bridges and many more shopping opportunitys, but it has also raised(some) taxes and we have become more crowded at the schools.
Features of Bentonville
Before After
1. more farm land 1.less farm land
2.more markets 2.less markets
3.smaller roads 3.bigger roads
4.less population 4.more population
5.more family owned businesses 5.more big corporations
All my food is from America.
The availability of food has changed in the last 40 years because people have been able to get and store much more food and we have found new food along the way. Yes we have much more availability then the RVC's did because they didn't have near the technology that we have today. This project has brought me to understand that I eat lots of locally grow food and we don't buy much stuff from out of the country.
part one
For the the interview I ask my mom all of the questions.
The meals that she particularly remember were homemade cinnamon rolls, fried potatoes, and pot roast.
The cinnamon rolls were made out of flower, yeast, and sugar. The potatoes were made out of potatoes, onions, and garlic. The pot roast was made out of beef, carrots, potatoes, onions, and cream of mushroom soup.
Most of this stuff was grown in her own garden.
Fast food has only slightly changed because of fast food because she rarely eats fast food any way.
She doesn't eat at fast food places much because she believes that fast food is "trash".
My mom believes that the changes are for the worse.
Part two
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