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Lamb To The Slaughter

No description

Gurasis Singh

on 30 September 2014

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Transcript of Lamb To The Slaughter

The inciting incident was when Patrick said to Mary that he needed to tell her something because that's when the story started to get interesting.
Falling Action

The falling action of the story was when the police and detectives came and tried to solve the murder and see who killed patrick.

The resolution of the story was that the murder weapon was eaten by the police officers and now Mary was Innocent because there was no proof that Mary had killed Patrick.
Thanks for listening
Rising Action
The rising action of the story was when Patrick told her and she said that she won't let him do that and he told her to try to stop him. After that we knew something was going to happen.
The climax of the story was when Mary killed Patrick using a Lamb leg and convinced everyone that she did not do it.
Plot Summary
Lamb To The Slaughter was a book by Roald Dahl. The book was about a house wife named Mary Maloeny, who had killed her husband with a lamb leg because her husband(Patrick) was leaving her with an unborn child for an another woman.
Lamb To The
Book By: Roald Dahl
Mary Maloney
Patrick Maloney
Inciting Incident
By: Gurasis, Jaden,Clarissa,Stefhan,
The main conflict is between Mary and Patrick. Patrick tells his wife that he is leaving her. This ends as Mary hits her husband with the frozen leg of lamb. Marys attempt to avoid being caught. she knows that if she is caught she will be executed, and fears that her unborn child will be killed as well.
Internal conflict: the internal conflict is best shown in Mary. Mary has a war with herself when she finds out that her husband is leaving her. She solves this conflict by killing Patrick. Then she has to figure out how to hide the evidence.

External conflict: The external conflict is Mary vs the police. In both situations, Mary must defend herself against what she views as an attack. When the police arrive and investigate, she fights back by decieving them and making them eat the murder weapon.
The setting took place 10 minutes to 5pm.
Also in there house and Sam's grocery store.
Protagonist: Mary Maloney
Antagonist:Patrick Maloney
Policemen:O'Mally, Jack Nooman
Direct Characterization: Author describes what mary looks like." Her skin for this was her sixth month with her unborn child had aquired a wonderful translucent quality, the mouth was soft and the eyes, with their new placid look, seemed larger, darker than before.
Dynamic character : Mary descibed as a wife willing to please Patrick. She is loving, caring and willing to help, then she turns into somewhat of a murderer
The Mood And Atomosphere
The mood to Lamb To The Slaghter switches alot as the story goes on. The peaceful scene at the beggining of the story shows the mood of calmness. But as the story progresses when Patrick tells his wife about leaving her the mood becomes quite climatic. Finally at the end of the story the mood becomes pretty clear its almost diverting quoting on page 18 of the text.

"Personally i think the murder weapon is right here on the premises." " Probably right under our noses. What you think, Jack"? And in the other room, Mary Moloney began to giggle knowing that she made them eat it on purpose, to divert them from figuring out who did it .
The Author
Ronald Dahl was born on September 13,1916. During his early years of education at Llandaff Cathedral School his mother decided to transfer him to St. Peters. It was his dad's wish that he attended that school because of there high intelligence rate, but sadly his father died when Ronald was only 4 years old. Even tho Ronald received good education in 1939, he decided to join the Royal Air Force. After alot of training in Nairobi, Egypt. The crash gave him serious injuries to his skull, spine and hip. Shortly after returning home he met Patricia Neal whom he married in 1953 and had 5 children with. During the time the two were together Dahl began to write all kinds of story's like (Charlie and the chocolate factory, James and the Giant Peach, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Matlida, The witches, The Twits, The BFG, The Gremlins, George's Marvellous
Medicine, Danny, The Champion of the world,
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