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Victoria's Secret

No description

Holly Murphy

on 8 December 2010

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Transcript of Victoria's Secret

VICTORIA'S SECRET History Retail Strategy Target Market Merchandise Assortment Human Resources Store Location Pricing Communication Mix Store Layout Customer Service Competitive Advantage Suggestions Started in 1977 in San Francisco by Roy Raymond
Largest segment of Limited Brands
Mission statement "Our mission is to deliver a best in class,
captivating, branded customer experience
that builds loyalty and enables consistent
sales and profit growth." $250 A demand- oriented pricing company $25 Discounts Known all over the world Advertisements WOM 20yr college students shop in stores
30yr women shop online There are eight parts to VS retail stategy: Target Market, Merchandising, Human Resources, Store Location, Pricing, Communication Mix, Store Layout, and Customer Service. 82% women spend an average of $110 at VS either online or at the store with an average income of $50,000. VS target market: women who want to feel sexy between the ages of 16-35 VS also started the new retailing label PINK The HR position ensures all staff is treated equally and with respect from employees and customers. The employees are trained just like any other retailer with the exception of different stores. Most of the purchasing done by VS customers is done within the store making that a primary area for shopping Store location is key for VS. With key strategic locations, this is also key for the right price. Sweaters $29, Tee's are 2 for $25, and dresses $39-$69. Free shipping online if the customer spends $100 or more. The HR for VS is in charge of the employees doing their job and employees getting along in the work enviroment for VS. Part time and full time employees start out making minimuim wage. Once hired in as full time, employees get a raise along with benefits. Management employees get paid by salary. Bras There are many different types of HR positions: Human resources, executive directory human resources sales, executive vice president of human resources, human resource manager, human resource manager and generalist, and senior vice president human resource. World's most expensive bra Panties 1000+ stores in the U.S.
Hit Canadian Market in 2010
Magazine and Website www.victoriassecret.com
Expanding Internationally: VS is currently expanding their stores across the sea into other countries. Keep expanding because there is a demand internationally. Bad Image for VS: The image that VS was getting when the stores first started out was not a good look. Customers looked at the stores as being very sleazy and trashy. Now the role has flipped completely with time. VS is now looked at as the number one retailer for women's lingerie. Very sexy for him: VS is now trying to catch the eye of the male market of retail. They have cologne out now called Very Sexy for HIM. This cologne is selling very fast and is now bringing in a new target market for VS. Bikinis
Cheekies Garters
Hip huggers
No line & Seamless
Cotton Going Green: Starting in 2006 VS started making their catalogs out of recycled material. They also started making tops and accesories in 2008 from organic cotton. Runway Angels Sizing
Angels Credit Card The Angels were part of many advertising campaigns and made their debut in the 4th annual VS fashioin show.
The Angels change each year and have a different line up for the fashioin shows Victoria's Secret has sold the image that sex sells and has dominated the mid to high range market in women lingerie. There are little to no competitors that VS has to compete against = large control of market. Victoria's Secret used these Angels to boost their "SEX SELLS" image and it took them to another level.
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