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How does Roller Coaster design maximizes thrill and minimizes disaster?

Analysis of the forces behind the roller coaster structure and the human body

Amrit Dev

on 24 May 2011

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Transcript of How does Roller Coaster design maximizes thrill and minimizes disaster?

How do Roller Coasters Work? Starting Point Let's go for a ride World's First two Roller Coasters Aerial Walk, France 1817 Russes a Belleville At the start Let's go on a ride .. Fact: World’s first two
roller coasters in France Aerial Walk Russes a Belleville France, 1817 Force of Gravity Normal Force Electric motor
propels the cart Zero Kinetic Energy Maximum Potential engery At the Top of the Hill First drop provides the energy
required throughout the entire ride FACT Kingda Ka Tallest coaster in the World, fastest in North America • 90 degree quarter turn drop
• Propelled at 128 mph hydraulic launch. New Jersey By: Amrit
Maheen The gravitational potential
changes into kinetic energy
of motion. At the Bottom of the Hill Body Mechanics at Top Weightlessness Normal Force = mg - mv /R 2 (weight - centrifugal force). Fact Roller Coaster with most Loops Thorpe Park, England 10 loops in total with a speed of 45 mph Loops Centripetal Forces Acceleration
towards centre Normal Force = mg + mv /R
(Normal Force is increased due to
the addition of centrifugal
force) 2 Why don't people fall out? When the rider goes upside down:
The changing direction of motion & high acceleration
= more than gravity. This gives the rider the feeling of being pushed
into the seat even though they are upside
down in the loop Fact 1 in 1.5 billion chance of being
fatally injured in a theme park Fact Notice how the
height of the hills decreases Hope you enjoyed the ride! Fact World’s fastest roller coaster:
Formula Rossa (2010) in Abu Dubai Speed of 150 mph reached in 4 seconds
Designed in the shape of Ferrari Formula 1 racing cars. Normal Force is acting
downwards and is smallest
in magnitude Centrifugal force is opposite to
centripetal force. Tear drop shape
called Clothoid Roller Coasters:
Maximizing thrill and Minimizing danger!
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