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Greener Live Performances - APACA Conference July 2014

Greener Live Performances through Energy Efficiency Update for APACA Conference (July 2014)

Kshatriya Designs

on 12 December 2014

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Transcript of Greener Live Performances - APACA Conference July 2014

Project Update
Ingraining Energy efficiency
Energy Efficiency Survey 2013
Are you doing your bit?
Stay Connected

Live Performance Australia
Energy Efficiency Program

APACA Conference 2014
Redesigned interactive web portal to host Resources
Diagnostic tools to assess energy efficiency performance
Sector specific Fact sheets, Operational guides, Best practice case studies, Call to Action campaigns
Face to face and online workshops

EC3 Global

Production Companies and Tours
Dynamic Eco-Solutions

Outdoor Events and Music Festivals

GreenShoot Pacific
Project Overview
Project partners and industry sectors
Designed to achieve:
Reduce energy costs
Bring cost and productivity efficiencies through innovation
Increase collaboration that reduce environmental impacts while protecting artistic outcomes
Understand our impact through industry data sets and benchmarking
Project Update
Suzanne Daley
Project Manager Director Policy & Programs, Live Performance Australia

Lisa Erhart
Project Partner, Dynamic Eco-Solutions

Ingraining Energy
Efficiency ...
Stay Connected….




Greener Live Performances

This activity received funding from the Department of Industry as part of the Energy Efficiency Information Grants Program.

Image: King Kong, Global Creatures, Photographer: Jeff Busby

How are you
going to do your
Project is 12 months in and will conclude in June 2015
LPA Energy Efficiency Survey

Industry-wide – Venues, Production Companies, Touring Coordinators, Events & Festivals
Total – 56 respondents
82% - No Energy Management Plan
Touring (30%) and Heating & Cooling systems (33%) rank as the Top Priority Areas
Disruptive Technology
The strength of your conviction will bring climate change abatement…
Robert Redford Plea
Key success factors
Measuring where you are
Drive measurable progress
Management buy-in
Become disruptive
Team approach
New innovative models
Your Tools
Capital requirements:
144 rechargeable batteries
Storage cabinets
Power boards
Total cost $1,516
Capital requirements:
In the same 18-month period,
the show would have used:
39,936 disposable batteries
At a cost of $14,775
On average:
1 rechargeable battery replaces 93 disposables
Rechargeable batteries have 32 times LESS impact on the environment than disposables (per 1kWh of energy used).
Current devices illegal after 1 January 2015
New frequency range is 520 – 694 MHz
Planet Ark
Upgrade to new rechargeable battery systems
Efficient Theatres
Venue Resources…
Broadway Green Alliance – Lighting Guide
Production and Touring Resources…
Wireless Frequency Changes
Balboa Park Sustainability Walk-about
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