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Corporate Massage Co.

No description

James Newman

on 3 May 2013

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Transcript of Corporate Massage Co.

Increase office productivity with..... The Corporate Massage Co.
Presented By;
James Newman
Joshua Skillman
Joshua Hume
Daymian Underhill
Katherine Ladd
Alice Pretty The Business Concept Market Demand Complimentary Therapy users spent figure of over 250 Million Pounds in the U.K in 2011. (Mintel, 2011)

British workers are seeking healthier lifestyles due to increased office hours and work related stress. (Cobwed Information Ltd, 2008). Current Primary Industry Research The Target Market Firms with large amount of employees targeted (i.e High growth Businesses)
Birmingham City Centre selected, within 3 mile radius
Companies with workers of a standardised 9am-5pm Basis
High rate of stress related headaches in the workplace (Clarke, 1992) Costs and funding The Corporate Massage Company - Sole Trader Company.
- CMC aims to reduce sickness rates within the workplace and increase productivity
-Post Graduate BSc (Hons) Sports Therapy Practitioner
-Provide Massage Therapy to your Business
-Oil based massage chair treatments References
Clark, K. (2011). A Pilot Study to Investigate the Effect of Massage on Headaches and Neck/Shoulder Tension in Office Workers. Alton
Cobwed Information Ltd. (2008) UK Market Synopsis, Complementary Therapy, An overview of the current performance, trends and key factors affecting the UK complementary therapy Industry. Advanced Bodywork. Pp. 41-46
Official National Statistics (2012) Sickness Absence in the Labour Market http://www.ons.gov.uk/ons/rel/lmac/sickness-absence-in-the-labour-market/2012/rpt-sickness-absence-in-the-labour-market---2012.html - accessed 9/12/12
Mintel (2011) www.mintel.com/press_releases/288796.htm?id=288796 – accessed 20/10/2012

Rasmussen, B. Jensen, R. and Olesen, J. (1992) Impact of headache on sickness absence and utilisation of medical services: a Danish populationstudy. Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health. 46: Pp.443-446 Office National Statistics (2012) Office National Statistics (2012) So what makes us unique? A sole trader that specializes in musculoskeletal injuries
Competitive Prices Treatment Details (Min Call out: 3 hours/ 9 Treatments)
(Max call out: 6 hours/ 18 Treatments)
Price: 3 hrs- £99.99
4hrs - 6hrs (Extra 29.99 per hour)

Range: Head, Shoulder, Neck, Traps

Availability: 8am- 5pm Did you know... Placed next to our competitors, we could save you approx. £4896 per Anuum.
K2 Sports Massage (2012) Advertisement
Please refer to Questionnaire

Corporate Massage Co. identified interest
Realistic projection= 5 companies

Projected one company to start

Forecast of 4 other companies to expand business Forms:
-business cards
Forms of advertisement will be used in business pitches. Please refer to Cash Flow Forecast Familiar sight?
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