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Thesis Prezi

A summer with the Tucson Padres

justin beatty

on 2 April 2013

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Transcript of Thesis Prezi

Minor League Baseball and Social Media a season with the Tucson Padres Pitchers Mound..... a project overview The Line-up...my thesis committee 1. Dr. Bill Silcock
2. Brian Snyder
3. Brett Kurland Spent 3 months with the Tucson Padres, AAA affiliate of the San Diego Padres Created YouTube videos to be linked through the team's Facebook and Twitter Worked as a video intern The Tucson Padres... a brief history From 2001-2010 the team played in Portland as the Portland Beavers 2010 2012 Noorad moves the team to Tucson as a temporary home Team was formally sold to an El Paso's MountainStar Sports Group

It will move in time for 2014 season 2011 in 2010 the team was sold to Padres owner Jeff Noorad Plan to build permanent stadium in Escondido California falls through Oops! Strike 1: Lowest attendance in all of the Pacific Coast League Strike 2: Play on the field isn't too good

3rd worst record in PCL in 2011
2nd worst record in PCL in 2012 Strike 3: Distance to the field, no connection to team "Sabermetrics" - the research 2011 PEW survey found FB users have 9% more close relationships

FB users also found to have more social support

Social media has been shown to increase social capitol. Social Identity theory Brewers Survey NFL Survey over 8,000 views 16 videos QUESTIONS? FEEDBACK?
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