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Brookelynn's book project

Wait Till Helen Comes

Beth Gordon

on 5 March 2014

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Transcript of Brookelynn's book project

Wait Till Helen Comes
By:Mary Downing Hahn

Helen is a lonely and mysterious ghost. She is always miserable. This is because she is always alone and never has anyone to talk too. She is smart without a doubt. Helen is also a very tricky person. She can be seen. However, when she sneaks places, people can hardly see her at all.
Whenever Molly, Micheal, and Heather move into an old church, only bad things can happen. Their parents just had to insist on moving into it. That same day, the kids all discover a old graveyard and later Molly sees Heather talking to a ghostly figure. Heather keeps telling everyone to, "Wait till Helen comes." The next day, someone busts into their house while everyone's not home. Who could have broken in? Read this story to find out.
Main Characters-
Heather- lonely, fearless, mysterious, smart.

Helen- lonely, smart, unfriendly, tricky, mysterious.

Heather is a lonely girl that does not have any friends. She is fearless and will do whatever she can to make one. She is very mysterious.For example, Heather is always telling everyone, "Wait till Helen comes." She can be smart by playing tricks on her family.
Compare and Contrast-
Will do whatever she
can to make a best
Says strange things
like, "Wait till Helen
No one to
play with
Knows what
to do and
when to do

Goes anywhere without
being seen=tricky
Does not want very many
The theme in this story is if your friend
ship is with someone you can't trust, it
is not true.
It teaches that if you have a friend
that you can't trust, just don't be their friend at all.
If anyone likes to read mysteries and ghost stories, this is the book for you.
Wait Till Helen Comes is one of my
favorite books. Also, if you like books that give you a scare, try this book out. I love mysteries and I hope you do too. Please read this book.
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