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Fountain Valley Class of 2021

No description

Lindsey Garrett

on 13 March 2017

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Transcript of Fountain Valley Class of 2021

"A Diploma and a Plan"

ALL Freshman have 6 classes

Welcome to the Baron Family Class of 2021
Aeries Accounts:

FVHS uses Aeries for all student information and class scheduling.

Students and parents use Aeries in the following ways:

Parents and students have individual accounts
Parents complete Data Confirmation for 2017/18
Course requests are entered using the Student account
Both Parents and Students monitor class performance and attendance using Aeries
College and Career Ready

Cal State University and UC Admission Requirements
"A-G" list
High School Graduation
9th grade classes
Online Course Requests

4 years
(40 credits)
3 years
(30 credits)
3 years
(30 credits)
2 Years
(20 credits)
1 Year
(10 Credits)
2 Years
(20 Credits)
(1 Semester)
4 years
(65 Credits)
220 Credits
High School Diploma
Freshman Class Scheduling

CP English 1
Phy Sci/CPIPS/ Accel Biology
Algebra 1/ Accel Geometry
PE/ Athletics
CP English Honors 1
Accel Biology
Accel Geometry
Impacted Students:
Those students having one of the above schedules plus Marching Band, Choir or World Geography Honors will complete the Health class after their 9th grade year.
What is needed for a High School Diploma ?
A) History: 2 years
B) English: 4 years
C) Math (ALG 2 or above): 3 years
D) Lab Science (Bio/Chem/Physics): 2 Years
E) Language: 2 years
F) Visual and Performing Arts: 1 Year
G) College Prep Elective: 1 Year

January: District Letter sent containing Aeries Account Information
March: Parent Information Nights
March 13th-May 1st
: Course Sign-ups
April: Masuda/Fulton Guidance visits
: Pick up Reg Packet/9th gr schedule
August 1st: Online Data Confirmation

Mid-August: In Person Registration
A-M 8am - 10am N-Z: 10am - 12pm
Link Crew Days are highly

Sample Schedules

Are you with me? Hang in there!
8th Grade Parent Night
Meet your Guidance Specialists

Clint Walters (A-Gh) x4423

Lindsey Gonzalez (Gi-Mel) x4422

Nga Doan (Mem- Roc) x4421

Lynn McCall (Rod-Z) x4424
Thank you !

Please visit Department Displays
Athletics tables outside the gym!

Follow us @FVHSbarons:
Creating your Aeries Account
Go to https://my.hbuhsd.edu

Select Aeries under parents and students

Select "Create New Aeries Account"

Select "Parent" OR "Student" and click next

Students will receive a permanent ID number and a VPC code. Use this information along with the family's primary telephone number to link parent and student accounts.
Students select English, Math, Science, PE, Health, and Elective courses.
Student courses are reviewed by Guidance to match student academic level and appropriate placement.
Students make course requests through the STUDENT Aeries account
Course Request Entry
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