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The British Parliament

No description

Olga Beryozka

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of The British Parliament

The British Parliament sits
in one buikding
The Palace of Westminster
it's also called
The Houses of Parliament
Welcome to
It consists of
The Royal Apartmants
(the colour is gold)
The House of Lords
(the colour is red)
The House of Commons
(the colour is green)
three parts
The Queen, the head of state, sits on the throne
The Lord Chancellor presides and sits on the Woolsack
the symbol of the importance of wool to the British economy of that time
Members of Parliament
The life peers
Two main British political parties
the Labour Party
The Conservative Party
The Prime Minister presides over the the House of Commons
Try to find out more about the British Parliament
Westminster Hall
Red lines on the Carpet
The Mace
The "aye" lobby
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