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No description

Berta Nieto

on 10 March 2014

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Transcript of MODERN FAMILY

Modern Family shows the lives of three families of Jay Pritchett, his son Mitchell Pritchett and his daughter Claire Dunphy. Each of the three households respond to a different family model.
Is a series that does not have a clearly defined timeline, each chapter tells a different story. Chapters often begin and end with some family members talking to the camera, as if the viewer is directed to, and answering a specific question, from which develops the episode

Mitchell is a lawyer, son of Jay and Claire's brother. Mitchell is gay and
has five years dating Cameron. Mitchell and Cameron are like night and day with the result that they are often at odds when it comes to making decisions. He and Cameron have just adopted a little girl: Lilly.
He is the son of the first marriage of Gloria. It is a very mature and intuitive child for his age. Occasionally Claire gives advice on his marriage and family life. It has inherited the passion for the life of her mother, but idolizes his father and misses
It is the current wife of Jay and Manny's mother. Born and raised in a small town in Colombia who happens to be the most murderous city in the country. Gloria is much younger than Jay, but does not care because they are madly in love. Always supports her son Manny in everything he does.
Daughter of Jay Dunphy and Mitchell's
older sister. Is married to her college
sweetheart, Phil, and has three children:
her oldest daughter Haley a teenager,
Alex, the medium, and small,
Claire has been married to sixteen and is
the father of Haley, Alex and Luck. A
'cool parent' is considered and try to have
the best relationship with her three children.
Is real estate agent and suffers Coulrophobia
(fear of clowns).
Cameron Mitchell's boyfriend. It has a very
dramatic personality that contrasts with the edgy attitude of Mitchell. Cameron grew up on a farm in Missouri. He played football at the University of Illinois and loves sports. It also has some weird hobbies, like collecting pennies sources, making home movies and bouquets of flowers Japanese.
Father of Claire and Mitchell. He is divorced
from his first wife and is now back married
to Gloria Delgado, an explosive Colombian
much younger than him and Manny's mother.
A Jay has a hard time accepting the high
sensitivitof his stepson Manny, but above
all values ​​to each of the family members.
Luke is the only boy and the youngest of
the three. It is always 'your roll'. Sometimes
you can get to get in trouble, but their
innocence often does not understand the consequences of their actions.
It is the middle sister of Haley and Luck.
It is the smartest of the three and will
disturb your fun two brothers. On the
one hand loves torturing, but on the other
is always there when they need you. Practice
cello and lacrosse.
The eldest daughter of Claire and Phil, is a teenager. He feels ashamed of his father, especially when attempting to act colleague plan with her boyfriend, Dylan. Worried about popularity in high school, you are learning to drive and is always talking on the phone
Modern Family values being uneducated liberal or tolerant, it demonstrates that the United States has accepted some things (like homosexuality marriages with big age difference, etc..), Which are issues in many parts of world look with disfavor or even illegal. Furthermore, this would be about three households within the same family are totally different, but still live with each other and are a family more united not any, but some experiences are associated with a comedy series, we note that imposes very positive values on the lives of Americans.
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