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Center for Media and Communication Studies presentation

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Elisabetta Ferrari

on 17 February 2014

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Transcript of Center for Media and Communication Studies presentation

Center for Media and Communication Studies
Get involved!
Apply to CEU:
School of Public Policy:
Global media and communication
Department of Public Policy:
Media, Information and Communications Policy
Department of Political Science: certificate in
Political Communication

Summer School 2014
Advocacy, Activism and the Internet: Communication policy for social change
The Center for Media and Communication Studies (CMCS) is a research center of Central European University, dedicated to advancing media and communication scholarship and policy and the democratic potential of the media.
The Hungarian Media Laws
Within months after its election victory in April 2010, Hungary's ruling Fidesz party passed a succession of controversial laws overhauling Hungary's media regulation system. The final, most contentious piece of legislation was passed in December 2010, just days before Hungary assumed the rotating Presidency of the EU.
Communication Rights
"The content and context of
Hate Speech
: rethinking regulation and responses", 2012 book edited by CMCS Fellow Peter Molnar
"Online Personal Data Processing and EU
Data Protection Reform
" report co-authored by CMCS affiliate Kristina Irion
Ranking Digital Rights
": developing a methodology to rank ICT companies on their respect of human rights

Media and Civil Society
FP7 VoxPol project: "
Violent Online Political Extremism
"Creative Approaches to Living Cultural Archives" on the digitalization and intercultural exchange of content of
community radio stations
Trainings for
community media
CMCS Report
Hungarian Media Laws in Europe:
An assessment of the consistency of Hungary's Media Laws with European Practices and Norms
School of Public Policy (SPP)
The School of Public Policy at Central European University was launched in August 2011 and publicly inaugurated in April 2012. In the words of its founder, George Soros, it aspires to be “a new kind of global institution dealing with global problems”.
SPP welcomed the inaugural class of its MPA program in Fall 2013. The MPA offers a Global Media and Communication track.
Research areas
Media and Communication Policy
Fundamental Communication Rights
Media and Civil Society
New Media and Technology
Media in Transition
Summer School
Hungarian Media Monitor
The purpose of the Hungarian Media Monitor is to track, document and assess the impacts of Hungary’s new media laws on the country’s media environment. The project includes research and analyses of key developments and trends, a media monitoring blog (in English) and a digital archive of materials in English.
Media & Change lunch events
Digital openness and civil society
Media and US Elections
Media and Impunity
Roma Integration Issues and the Media
Witnessing and Human Rights Video Activism
Researching Media Ownership
Media governance in Belarus
(some examples)
Internet Governance, Civil Society and Public Policy Advocacy

In 2013 - 26 students from 18 countries; focus on the role of civil society in advocating policies for an open and free Internet and on training participants in the tactical use of technologies for advocacy.
Summer School 2012
some examples
Stay in touch!
Center for Media and Communication Studies
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