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All Seasons Powersport - Radio & Online - Feb. 2018

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Manitoba/Ontario Prezi

on 2 March 2018

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Transcript of All Seasons Powersport - Radio & Online - Feb. 2018

Steering Your Marketing in the Right Direction!
How did you get here?
What are you doing now?
Where are you going?
Why Advertise?
Advertising Creates Powerful Inter-Media Synergies
Repetition sells! Businesses that reach and influence consumers repeatedly over time with multi-platform approaches build stronger consumer awareness, confidence, and sales.
Advertising Improves Your Sales Closing Ratios
It is much easier for your sales people to sell a consumer who has heard of you and knows what you stand for than selling a consumer who has never heard of you.
Advertising Can Differentiate You
When products and prices are perceived to be the same or similar everywhere, the image and reputation you create with your advertising can be the "tie-breaker" that helps consumers choose you over your competition.
Why Radio?
Radio’s human voice, story telling, and humour can inspire consumers to search for your facts and details online.
Radio Is Intrusive
Radio Drives Web Traffic
Most consumers prefer to go to the websites of businesses they’ve heard of rather than to the sites of unfamiliar businesses.
Radio can reach and influence consumers who may be predisposed to other businesses and can absorb intrusive radio messages without consciously engaging.
Radio Can Tell Your Story
How to Advertise
People Respond to "Needs" not "Ads"
When someone is in need of your product or service, your company MUST be at the top of their mind in order to have a chance at their business!

Top-of-mind awareness is achieved by frequency and consistency in your marketing campaign

Funnel of Awareness
What we can do for you
Launch 1st Online Portal 2003
Today: 20 community web portals across 4 provinces.
Half of the prairie population lives in rural communities.
We provide a hyper-local focus to rural and small markets.
Monthly News Stories
Monthly Page Views
Monthly Unique Users
Fill it over 3 times!
If each page view was only 15 seconds long,
this is
5,833 hours of attention
every month from our audience.
Over 96% of users return daily!
We are the #1 source of online local news for Portage la Prairie and Area!
Advantages of Online Marketing
PortageOnline is there with news, sports, and weather On Demand!
Quality creative can engage and inform prospective clients with a call-to-action directing them where you want them to go.
Our content-integrated advertisements are visible 24 hours/day, 7 days/week,
365 days of the year.
Radio and Online combine to outperform other media by
Reinforce the message you are sending through media with a visual presence.
Recent research shows 3 out of 4 Canadians own a smartphone.

We spend almost 3 hours/day on our smartphones.
Add in Mobile Browsing...
Over 2,700 downloads since May 2017 Launch!
Online Marketing Plan
BigBox #1
Home Page
(Max. 8 rotations)
PortageOnline Business Directory
Premium Business Listing
Be Known Before You're Needed!
Connected with our
Connected with our
Connected with your

With CFRY 920AM, COUNTRY 93, PortageOnline, and PortageLive, YOU will be...
30-second commercial
What's Your Message?
10-second commercial
Build and maintain Top-of-Mind Awareness for All Seasons Powersports.
Provide consistent, continuous 24/7 visual exposure of your business.
Provide a convenient way for visitors to go to your website.
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