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Operation Cool Kids: Yankee Stadium

Transforming Sparkloft's Communication Plan

Kelsey Ivey

on 8 September 2012

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Transcript of Operation Cool Kids: Yankee Stadium

Who is the target audience?
What are our competitors doing?
How can we learn and grow from them?
How can Sparkloft attract and communicate with influencers?
How can Sparkloft position itself as an industry leader? Audit Goals The solution starts with... The Challenge Compelling content and information that will make them think
Role model for platform presence, social strategy and audience engagement
A personable, creative agency producing products that are successful by the numbers and the narrative Why should people care? Clients
Influence leaders
Socially savvy people/groups
Anybody interested social media Who is the Audience? We researched several social media and digital marketing agencies in Portland, the U.S. and abroad, looking specifically at: Website presentation Clients, services & case studies Personality Social media presence Our research and findings helped shape our approach to evaluating Sparkloft’s online presence and also inspired ideas for what Sparkloft can and should be doing in this space. Create content and posting plans
Showcase portfolio on the website
Communicate with influencers
Become an industry leader
Show the world the warm, fuzzy, spark-tastic social media all stars we are Key Strategy Goals Founded: 1997
Location: Portland, OR
Size: 1-10
Services: Full-service digital marketing firm
Platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube, Linked In, Blog 2002 March (cc) image by jantik on Flickr Innovative design that not only demonstrates the firm’s personality but also showcases Mambo’s creative process and client work. What we like: Through the competitor research, we identified five strategy themes. Design Assets Social Strategy Personality Industry Leaders DESIGN ASSETS Founded: 1994
Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL & New York, NY
Size: 11-50
Services: Digital marketing & advertising agency
Platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Linked In, YouTube Client case studies take center stage on Agency Net’s website. It’s clear they don’t do cookie-cutter work. Each campaign is unique and thinks BIG. What we like... The Agency Net website is professional and highlights the agency’s impressive list of high-profile clients. PERSONALITY Founded: 2008 Location: Vancouver/Global Size: 11-50
Services: Social media marketing agency
Platforms: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blog What we like: Think! Social Media’s web and social presence projects the right combination of personality and professionalism. Their blog incorporates posts about Think!’s client work, insights/tips about social media and employee profiles. Founded: 2010
Location: Chicago, IL
Size: 11-50
Services: Social media marketing agency
Platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, Blog, Quora, Foursquare What we like: While self-proclaiming yourself a “Social Media Assassin” makes us cringe, visitors to Social Katy’s site immediately pick up on the company’s fun and creative vibe. Social Katy is everywhere on social—spearheaded by founder and President Katy Lynch-- and they have engaged audiences. SOCIAL STRATEGY Founded: 2008
Location: Global
Size: 201-500
Services: Social media agency
Platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Flickr, LinkedIn INDUSTRY LEADERS What we like: We Are Social conveys their industry expertise through well-crafted blog posts, an impressive client list, detailed case studies and lengthy list of awards. They are clear thought leaders in this space. We Are Social doesn’t bother with fancy web design or graphics on their website. It’s about their clients, products and services. Facebook and Twitter Strategy - create a content calendar that outlines consistent, effective content aimed at the defined target audience Blog Content - Provide enlightened observation of current trends, offer opinions based on experience and facts, and leads conversations in social media Sleek, Uniform Design - implement a stylized, uniform design that differentiates Sparkloft from other businesses and can be “felt” on every platform; begin with the website, work into social media spaces with time Sparkloft as a Hub - make Sparkloft a hub for growing social media thought and ideas; and meeting place for influencers Global - we are recognized as a global leader in social media and can compete with larger organizations Step 1: Up to Bat Step 2: Single to right field Step 3: RBI Double Step 4: Home Run Blog Strategy - a regularly maintained blog with consistent posts. Topics need to feed the social media community and position the company as a thought leader Case Studies - highlight previous successful campaigns on website with visual content. Made easily accessible for visitors Expanded Presence - Develop goals and strategies for Pinterest, Instagram & other tertiary social networks Personality - create a “brand personality” for Sparkloft and showcase it, create portals to introduce employees and highlight our individual strengths Improved Content - consistently churn out content that provides unique insight on current social media trends and questions the boundaries of what’s possible Followers - large number of followers receive and engage our content across platforms Company growth - the organization's reach and clientele encourage growth; in form of additional employees, offices and/or social products Step 5: Grand Slam TIMELINE Transforming Sparkloft from the anti-social, clumsy kid to the coolest, most athletic player on the field. Sparkloft’s Current Line Up Website features services, clients, an "about" section and the Sparkloft blog. There are Twitter and YouTube streams on the front page as well as recent press releases and recent blog posts.

Sparkloft needs space to showcase its success
and display resources for clients and potential clients. Posting frequency is somewhat inconsistent and engagement is low. However, there is a fast response time for inquiries and the the look and feel of the page is consistent with the website. Blog categories include events, fun stuff, press releases, resources and thoughts. The most common category posted about is "thoughts," followed closely by "resources." Posts are written by various members of Team Sparkloft. Sparkloft has a Google+ page that is not updated regularly (last update Nov 2011). In the past it has been populated by news stories relevant to the industry. Sparkloft's YouTube account has a substantial amount of videos and views. Although new uploads are inconsistent, videos are related to our brand. There is a good foundation currently to work up from. Sparkloft's boards fit into three main categories: client content, social media best practices and for fun. The account demonstrates Sparkloft's personality while also showcasing the company's forward-thinking clients and content. However, repinning and uploading content is inconsistent, happening once every 1-3 weeks. Sent tweets from the account are consistent and there is a good combination of engagement with other accounts and posting industry-related articles and original content. Likes: 2,342 Followers: 1,325
Following: 1,340
Tweets: 2,913 Followers: 194 Pins: 218
Following: 137 Boards: 15 Videos: 31
Subscribers: 29
Total Views: 13,072 Who will be in charge of creating, monitoring & posting content? What systems need to be established for this strategy’s success? How are we going to measure the success of our changes? How do we share the “coolness”? Measurement & Responsibilities The visual mapping of Mambo’s methodology is a good introduction for prospective clients. By: Charlotte, Kyle, Jamie, Gio, Lisa & Kelsey Let the Game begin! ....Documents, communication plan & final strategy coming soon! ...US! So let's drive it home. Here we go! To answer... Assumption: Audience has general knowledge of social media, but their levels of experience vary. Who are the Competitors?
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