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medieval times

By: Aneesa

aneesa bhanji

on 22 February 2013

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Transcript of medieval times

Medieval times They ate bread, boiled vegetables, nuts and fruits. Cheese, fish, meat and eggs were for special occasions. Did you know that people only had
one meal a day. They would be very hungry. what did people eat? People made books. It had pictures, calligraphy and prayers. They used a feather dipped in ink to write.
In medieval times, they did not have a phone. They had to write the message on a paper. When people were done writing, they attached it on to a horse.
The horse delivered it to the person who is supposed
to get it. Art and writing People rode on horses. Little carts were attached to the horse. They sometimes sailed in boats! Peasants had to walk from place to place. Transportation Did you know that girls usually did not
go to school ? Only boys could because back then
men were the leaders of the land. Boys could start school at 14 years old. They would learn how to
read, write and do math. They went to school in a house or church. Girls would be taught privately or be home schooled. They would learn how to play instruments, sing and sometimes dance. Girls who did not want to learn these things would write poetry or stories. One of the most famous poets in medieval times was Christine de pizan. She wrote poetry about women's rights. Now education is different from back then!!! Education in medieval times Did you know that the most important thing to the
nuns and the monks was prayer? Most of the people in Europe were christians. The church was for meetings. It gave shelter. There were churches for every 200 people. Christmas and Easter were the most holiest days in medieval times. Religion Resources By: Aneesa,Sierra and Joshua

library.thinkquest.org/08aug/01073/Education2.html medievaleurope.mrdonn.org/cathedrals.html www.medieval-life.net/education.htm What did people wear? The women wore long dresses and
skirts made with cotton. They used
sashes for belts. They also wore cloaks to go outside. Men wore tunics down to their knees and sometimes wool pants under the tunics. Men wore leather shoes if they had money. Kids wore small tunics. Hats were important. It kept people warm in winter and it gave shade in summer. Mostly Everyone wore hats!!! www.learner.org/exhibits/middleages/clothing.html Books: life in a medieval monastery By: Marc Cels The life of a knight By: Kay Eastwood Knights Knights were very brave! They fought
against different people and countries.
Knights were very important because they kept everyone safe. They used weapons like swords, axes,maces, lances, daggers and pole axes. They had
tournaments. People were cheering and
watching them fight. Buildings In medieval times, it had churches, the school house and
castles. Castles were important
because it gave shelter. People have meetings and gatherings in the castle. Many people lived in castles. Activities For fun,kids swam in rivers and climbed on walls and trees.They made toys out of sticks, stones, sand, rope and leather. Kids played tag,races and hand games. They made paintings. People went fishing. Technology Fun facts Did you know that knights are more trained than
soldiers? Did you know that most people only had a first name in the middle ages. Did you know that kings and queens took care of the land? THANKS FOR watching!!! Video Did you know that most castles had jails? Some inventions of the
middle ages were the hour glass, the spinning wheel, water mill and eyeglasses. www.medieval fayre.com You can go to Medieval times for more experience !
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