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Syncytium Magic 2013

No description

Shaman You

on 9 February 2013

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Transcript of Syncytium Magic 2013

Your Path to Syncytium Magic BURN Syncyticize http://syncytium.org is where we create, connect, collaborate.

> Create a profile to edit pages
> Join Syncytium!
> burningmaze@googlegroups.com Stir The Cauldron Sizzling and seething ...
a pulsating potion of ideas is brewing online and at Syncytium meet-ups, changing colors daily. Add your secret ingredient!
> Wiki: Ideas Refine Your Gift What are you best at? What do you want to learn? What do you like to give? Whether sorcerer or apprentice: Pick a role or create your own!
> Wiki: Roles Make an Offering Lend a hand so we can enjoy the ride. Camp build-up and tear-down, leave-no-trace, logistics, transport, food ... what is yours?
> Wiki: Sign-Up Feed the Cat Hungry but frugal, it will materialize its magic with your light, love, and $50.

> Camp dues Lakes of Fire 2013 Healing Sound Structures Art Interactivity Game Play Light Deco Logistics
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