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AAD FO, Unit 3: Getting to Know Canvas

Canvas is the course management system that is used and supported by the University of Kentucky. It is available to all faculty teaching online or face-to-face courses. Canvas will be the primary “classroom” for all online courses.

UK Arts Administration

on 26 March 2018

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Transcript of AAD FO, Unit 3: Getting to Know Canvas

Unit 3:
Getting to Know Canvas
1. Making Announcements
2. Syllabus
3. Calendar
4. Discussion Boards and Forums
Creating Effective Responses to Student discussion Posting
15 Rules of Netiquette for Online Discussion Boards
4. Assignments
Assignments Overview
Benefits to using online submission for face-to-face courses including:
Submissions are stored using UK servers so assignments rarely go missing.
There is a digital record of the submission, your comments and the grades.
By incorporating due dates, the assignments are automatically added to the calendar view and you can easily keep track of who submitted their assignments on-time or late.
And by using online assignment submissions, you can make your classroom virtually paper-free!
7. Google Drive

Visit: Canvas Instructor Guides
: http://www.uky.edu/canvas/
6. Even More on Canvas
post on Saturdays
reflection from previous week
preview of upcoming week
post reminders
share deadlines
provide resources
How do I use the Syllabus as an instructor?
What is the Calendar for Instructors?
How do I use the Calendar?
Discussions Overview
Tips for Overcoming Online Discussion Board Challenges
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