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Oliver Hull

No description

maryann carroll

on 9 June 2016

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Transcript of Oliver Hull

A test occurred when scientists took blind dogs and gave them a shot with a virus that had replacement DNA in it, and the dogs that were tested could see!
Blindness is the partial or full inability to see.
What is blindness?
There are currently no full cures for blindness, but you can undergo surgery to improve eyesight. (And no, you cannot be cured from blindness by eating carrots)
Can Blindness Be Cured?
The World Health Organization (WHO) is giving 6-59 month olds suffering from nutritional blindness (when you don't have enough nutrition and go partially blind) vitamin A supplements in order to reverse the nutritional blindness.
Nutritional Blindness
Colorblindness is the inability to see certain parts of the color spectrum. There is a magenta eye contact that goes over the pupil so people with red-green colorblindness' vision is improved, but not cured. There is also a brand of glasses called EnChroma that almost totally cure colorblindness.
Colorblindness Cures
This video will explain a LOT about how people suffering from colorblindness feel about EnChroma.
Blindness Cures
By Oliver

The End!
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