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Designer Baby Statistics

No description

Trestyn Evans

on 17 April 2013

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Transcript of Designer Baby Statistics

Designer Babies should they be advertised? Works Cited Personal Gain -10% of people said they would use it for enhanced athletic ability
- 13% wanted superior intelligence Short Lives -49% of parents said that they would have a child that dies in 5yrs.
-41%-19% said they would have kids that die in 20-50yrs. Aborted Babies "The Office of Communications & Public Affairs." The Office of Communications & Public Affairs. N.p., n.d. Web. 14 Apr. 2013.

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"Designer Babies Means Dead Babies." CultureWatch Designer. Babies Means Dead Babies Comments. N.p., n.d. Web. 07 Apr. 2013.
US congressional committee of bioethics recently a topic of designer babies was brought up to decide on its advertising. As you already may already know a designer babiy is a baby that is born though in-vitro fertilization, a process by which a baby is conceived outside the body and then genetically altered to fit certain requirements by the parents. They are very controversial and come with a hefty price. They are forced to be what their parents want and cannot do anything about it. This type of baby should not be advertised by the government for three reasons; many cause more infant mortality and abortion/terminations of the baby ; used by parents for the gain of themselves, and can cause discrimination though a hierarchy of gene status. Say you want an athletic child or a kid that is smart or artistic; well, it is all possible when having a designer baby. That is what could be advertised for these kinds or babies, but what happens if it does not come out right the first time? Do you keep it or throw it away? In an article entitled Designer Babies Means Dead Babies, couples may throw out the child that does not come out the way the parents want and they may try to get a “better” one. One couple mentioned in the article, threw out their unborn twin boys to have a girl. They used this technology to help themselves get a girl but didn’t care for the boys. In one case a girl named Kate was diagnosed with leukemia at the age of 2 . Her parents decided to have a second daughter through in-vitro fertilization so the new baby, Anna, is a perfect match for Kate. When Anna was made she genetically engineered so that she wouldn't have leukemia, in other words they eradicated the disease. Anna goes through countless surgeries to prolong the life of her sister and is restricted from doing anything that could damage any of her organs. Some may say that this was a good thing but in most cases parents only take what is needed, completely disregarding the health and life of the other child. Only using the babies for stem cells, blood, organs, and other medical/biological necessities and then just abandon them after they get what they are after. These kinds of babies may lead to an even higher level of social discrimination. Already there are social boundaries such as financial rank and clothing and adding the title “super baby” to the list will make things worse. People will think that they are better than everyone else because they are genetically engineered to be “perfect”. The rich will be able to afford more operations for their kids and will be live at a higher standard, dividing us more. It can also work in the reverse way, as in the designer babies being seen as a science project, "test tube babies", or morally wrong. They could be considered outcasts because they aren’t “normal”. Although designer babies can come with many good things, such as getting rid of diseases or genetic defects , they are also dangerous. The concept of designer babies comes with huge price that can hurt people. They can divide us, set what is considered the perfect child causing abortions of children, and can be used for personal gain.
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