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Thomas Campbell

on 12 February 2014

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Paul B. Janeczko
Born in 1945 in Passiac, New Jersey he was educated at St. Francis College, Maine and John Carroll University, Ohio,
About the poet
High school English teacher in Parma, Ohio from 1968-1972. Then, in Topsfield, MA, 1972-77; Gray-New Gloucester High School, Gray, ME, teacher of language arts, 1977-1990; visiting writer and lecturer, 1990—.


by Paul B. Janeczko

In black leather jackets,
watching Spider work
the wire coat hanger
into Mrs. Koops car,
they remind me of crows
huddled around a road kill.
They looked up,
then back
as Spider,
who nodded once, setting them free
toward me.
I bounded away,
used a parking meter
to whip me around the corner
past Janelli's meter
the darkened Pine Street Grille,
and the steamed windows
of Sudsy's Modern Laundromat.
I climbed-two at a time-
the granite steps
of the Free Public Library
and pushed back thick wooden doors
as the pursuing pack stopped-
sinners at the door of a church.

From the corner table of the reference room
I watched them
head turning every time the door opened,
until Spider arrived
to draw them away.
I waited, fingering hearts,
initials carved into the table,
grinning as I heard myself telling Raymond
of my death-defying escape.

Figurative Language
: narrator
: A boy running from a gang after seeing them break into a gang
Used to describe the people crowded around the car
'Huddled' gives the image of how close everyone is to the car
"...they reminded me of crows huddled around a road kill."
Where: the hood of a large city

When: present day
Figurative Language
"I bounded away, used a parking meter to whip me around the corner..."
'Bounded' creates the thought of the character jumping into an action
Poem Structure
Good Description
The author creates the image of what actions the character took to get away
Sound Devices
"...pursuing pack..."
No rhyme scheme
-two stanzas
-36 lines
-hyphen- used to connect a word and what it is describing
Who's talking
: the Author
To whom
is the author talking:
About what
: Him running from Spider's gang
Tone: Fast moving poem

- The poet is trying to say that it is sometimes better to run away from your problems than to fight them
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