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No description

Anna Fodor

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of Introduction

Personal data Studies Languages Working Free time Conclusions Field of studies: Trade and Marketing, specified on International Marketing Main courses:
Marketing communication
International communication
E-commerce Karel de Groote Hogeschoole:
I spent a semester in Belgium, with Erasmus scholarship studying Intercultural Communication. My main focus was how to spread/sell goods in different countries by integrating it into their cultures. Hi! I'm Anna Fodor. Let me show you how I am juggling with the required skills as if they were balls! Soft skills:
Outstanding communication skills
Strong interpersonal skills, make relationships easily
Enthusiastic, motivated to learn and get to know new things
Well organized, gifted in execution, precise and effective
Team player, cooperative
Mobility, ease to change countries/to travel Name:Anna Fodor
Email: fodoranna88@gmail.com
Phone: 0036 70 63 54 104
Nationality: Hungarian During the university I was participating in case study competitions.

With my team we achieved 3rd place in the TIMES European Cup (sponsored by McKinsey)

What have I learnt? Get a complex overview of a company, situation
Problem solving, strategy creation
Self confidence at presenting
Team working, listening to others, cooperation Who is the ideal applicant for the Evangelist, Spanish language position? Prezi minded: creative, innovative, reliable, loves sharing ideas, fun
Has strong execution skills, well organized
Gifted and experienced in event organization, event marketing, PR
Experienced in online/social marketing
Multicultural with deep understanding of Spanish speaking, Anglo-Saxon, Hungarian cultures
Knows how to talk to people
Has outstanding communication skills, create relationships easily (in all the three languages) Like her... I believe I have all these skills and I could do a great job with full devotion
Let me show you why! Zoom on me! Bilingual high school:Learnt all the subjects in English 4 months long summer schools/jobs in England Economic classes in the university in English Current work language: English (American line manager) Active Level: Advanced (Oral/Written) Learnt in high school, did final exam 2 semesters of business spanish course in the university Spent half a year in Spain working in order to perfect the language Active Level: Advanced (Oral/Written) International experience and cultural knowledge English:
English civilization subject for 5 years (History, culture, habits of English speaking countries)
Working/living during summers with English families
Participating in "Tandem Exchange program": mentoring American students for a year Spanish
Spanish civilization class for 4 years
Working and living in Spain for half a year
Living with a half Colombian, half Spanish man for 6 years Internships It was highly important for me to put my theoretical knowledge into practice during the university years. That is why I worked as a marketing intern for two companies: Bull and Goodman Main tasks:
Event organization (off-the-job trainings for 60 people; X-mas party for partners for 120 people)
Edition of internal communications Reference: andrea.mocsan@bull.hu
CHRO Main tasks:
Customer management
Reaching new customers
Supporting sales force
Analyzing market Reference: krisztina.mate@goodman.com
Senior Sales Manager Project Manager in the organizing team of 24 HR conference

24 HR Conference was created for young HR students to learn from experienced HR professionals in workshops and lectures What did it mean to coordinate and organize 24 HR conference?

400 guests
24 workshops
20 lectures
7 rooms
2 buffets Reference: tarczy.peter@energin.hu
CEO Fresh graduate program (selected from 400 applicants)

Rotating for half a year in customer management field to get to know "Vodafone Way"

Reached successes in Vodafone Way:
98% Customer Satisfaction (avg.: 85%)
Exceeding the target of Customer Service by 30% (measured skills: speed, effectiveness)
Excellent feedback from Line Manager

Since that: Product Manager in Business Development Main tasks as a Product Manager:
Developing and launching a new product (telecommunication service packages for SMEs)
Building and maintaining relationship with other departments and customers
Designing and executing go-to-market plan (BTL focus)
Working closely with Vodafone cloud based services as our products are complementers Reference: janos.forgo@vodafone.com
iPhone and Blackberry Insurance Manager
started as a fresh grad with me 1,5 years ago Hanging out with my friends What do I do in my free time? Run Doing sports... Running Snowboarding Biking Enjoying nature I am experienced in event marketing and organization with strong organization/executive skills (as my previous events represent)
Experienced in go-to-market planning/execution (as current position shows)
I have complex strategical view, ease to analyze external environment (as my results in case study competitions show)
Fluency in Spanish, English
Deep understanding and knowledge of Spanish, Latin American culture
Ease to work at European, American headquarters So.. Do you still remember? Thank you very much for your attention!
I will contact you in a week.
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