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What I Learned

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ishmael bacchus

on 21 January 2017

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Transcript of What I Learned

Novel Study / From Egghead I have learned the psycological effects that bullying has on the victim. I have learned to be more empathetic towards the victims and to complain about any bullys that I come across.
In the novel, Egghead I have also learned about the bullying circle and comprehension questions.
I enjoyed working in a group which involved a reader, note takers and comprehension questions.
I was interested to learn about the multiple situations that took place in one story and how a conlict with a bully could occur.
I have grown by knowing to summarize novels and in my knowledge of bullying and how to de deal with bullying

Drama Study
Drama Study / The drama study excited the "curious George" in me , as I was completley invested in the events and could also relate to few charecters. Reading this novel was not as I had in mind. It had a few mystical characters and certain events that I didn't except.
I enjoyed reading a fiction based drama study. The thing that interested me the most was how many events would occur in this novel.
I have grown from this novel as a person it makes me more mysterious to know what others books could compare to this novel.
Summary Of Learning
- In this semester i learned about all the essential elements required to make a story.
- I enhanced my knowledge about comprehension quesions.
- This semester made me curious to learn new things be it fiction, reality , relationships or the importance of adventure
- Nearing the end of the semester i learned a valuable lesson to be open to new adventuures and to beleive in the existance of valuable relationships and the presence of magic!
Short Story
During the course of time, I have learned alot of interesting things like plot graphs, opinion paragraph, literary devices and critical reflections. Short story / From the 4 short stores I did
I learned about all the essential elements that are the back bone of a story.
I enjoyed formulating stories plot and visualizing the events in the stories. I was interested by the different genres and messages of the books.
During the course of the semester I have grown in my knowledge and understanding and can now visualize events in a new perspective.

ENG 1P Final Summative
Electronic Portfolio Presentation
English Final Summative
Novel Study
Independent Novel Study
Ishmael bacchus


Independent Novel Study/ From The City Of Ember I learned about the importance of relationships, be it friends or family and i also learned that a little adventure with the right company can give great results at the end.
I Enjoyed reading independently and being engaged to a novel since i wasn't a big fan of reading. Also having a better mindset towards reading.
I was interested to learn about the effects on being managed by a boss and controlled by someone that would break rules that they would make.
I have grown by knowing how to manage reading and choosing what genres I like.

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