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Helena Jorge Pérez

on 7 May 2015

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Transcript of Romania

Republic of
Black Sea
Largest city in Romania: 2,2 million habitants in 2012
6th largest cithy in EU.
Development of the Country's Tourism
almost 20 millions
In the EU since January 2007
Not in the Schengen Area
Not in Eurozone (will be in 2019)
Romanian Leu
Temperate-continental Climate
(35°C to below 2°C)
Remnants of 7th Century BC Greek culture
Sport and leisure facilites
More than 27 licensed ski areas.
Weekends during the winter.

Poiana Brasov - foreign groups / long stay
301 authorised trails
340 in National Parks and Natural Reserves
Tourism Operations
Romania National Tourism Master Plan 2007 – 2026

It was prepared over a decade ago.
Its recommendations were never implemented.
Objective : the formulation of an overall policy framework for the sustainable development and management of the tourism industry.

Master Plan Development

It was prepared by United Nations World Tourism Organisation
Included: Planning, Marketing, Investment, Statistics, Economics, Institutional Structures and Human Resource Development.

The Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve
13 National Parks
13 Nature Reserves

About 7% of the territory.

Romania receives structural funds following its accession to the EU
Total EU spending in Romania – € 5.561 billion (4.01 %)
Total Romanian contribution to the EU budget – € 1.369 billion ( 0.99 %)

National Tourism Organisation (NTO)
Ministry Tourism Department

National Tourism Authority (NTA)

Wooden Churches of Maramureş - 8 sites (1999)
Churches of Moldavia – 7 sites (1993)
7 UNESCO World Heritage Sites
Monastery of Horezu (1993)
Comparative Travel and Tourism Competitiveness by Principal Indicator
Historic Centre of Sighişoara (1999)
Villages with Fortified Churches in Transylvania – 7 sites (1993, 1999)
Dacian Fortresses of the Orastie Mountains – 6 sites (1999)

Romania develops collaboration relationships with numerous states worldwide

The World Tourism Organisation – (year of Romania membership: 1975)

The European Travel Commission – (year of Romania membership: 1998)

The Danube Tourist Commission – (year of Romania membership: 1998)

The Central European Initiative –(year of Romania membership: 1992)

The Organisation of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation –(year of Romania membership: 1996)

The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development –(year of Romania membership: 2007) –

European Commission – Tourism Advisory Committee –

The International Association Itervitis – (year of Romania membership: 2013)

The Danube Competence Centre – supporter

The External Tourism Collaboration
Potential Tourism Development Areas
Bucharest City Break – Culture, MICE, and Leisure

Bran Castle - Transilvania
G-adventurous has created an itinerary based on the true story of “Vlad the Impaler”, where is possible to spend Halloween in Transylvania. It includes a costume party in a Gothic castle, the visit of the ruins of Bran’s Castle, medieval towns, Brasov and Bucharest.
Transylvania Tourism Circuit – Culture, Nature, Eco tourism, Health and Wellness, Skiing and Adventure Tourism

Black Sea Coast – Beach, Leisure, Culture, Health and Wellbeing, Black Sea cruises

Bucovina – Culture, Eco tourism, Nature, Wellness, Skiing and Adventure Tourism

Maramures – Culture, Nature, Eco Tourism, Skiing and Adventure Tourism

Danube Delta – Nature, Eco Tourism, River Cruises, and Leisure

Political Involvement Current Legislation
Ministry of Tourism
Named as the tourist authority
Came into force in November 1998.
The functions are: Development, Control, Promotion, Training and Research

National Tourism Authority (NTA)
Works as public institution
Came into force in 2006
Works under the Ministry of Transport, Constructions and Tourism
The functions of (NTA) are: Implements national tourism policies and strategies,Promotes Romania as a tourist destination,
Drafts policies and annual marketing and development programs, Approves planning and construction in all tourist areas and resorts

Key Stakeholders
Travel Agents and Tour Operators- 2,638 companies with combined tour operator and travel agency ,184 companies solely as travel agents

Tour Guides- 937 Tour Guides

TICs in Romania- 37 Tourist Information Centres

Issues & Challenges
Human Resources and Training
Hospitality service skills, both professional and behavioural, are still under-developed

The level of competence in the hospitality and tourism industry is low, due to the lack of performance standards

Formal pre-service training for the needs of the hospitality and tourism industry is not yet sufficiently developed

Non-formal, continuous, on-the-job and in-service training is almost non-existent

There is no training awareness and there is no training culture

There is considerable variation between the countries in their perception of Romania.
The UK and France have a negative associations with Romania (mainly driven by media coverage in those countries)
Germany, the same picture emerges – 15% of the sample associates Romania with poverty

The perception of Romania as a tourism destination is unclear; it has no reputation as a bona fide destination for discretionary tourists.

Market Perceptions
The lack of information/knowledge
Absence of positive destination marketing
The visitors fears about tourism infrastructure, facilities amenities and service.
The considerable number of young people leaving the Romanian hospitality and tourism industry to work abroad
The management and supervisory level is lacking

Challenges to Overcome
Increase arrivals by 5.2% in 2015
Poland the fastest growing market
Potential of the skiing industry
Spa on Transylvanian Mountains
Danube Delta as Natural habitat
Culinary Tourism
Strong Growth in Cultural Tourism
Sibiu increased due to Europen Capital of Culture in 2007
Tourism Industry Impacts


Infraestructure development
Increases safety and security
Fosters civic pride
Creates oportunities
Promotes cultural understanding
Supports and preserves local crafts and skills
Creates a sense of well-being
At the end of 2006 the Romanian Government declared and allocated for the first time since 1990, 325 million EUR for tourism

Alteration of local culture
Destruction of the traditional social structures
Growth of unwanted secondary industries and other sectors
Structural and seasonal unemployment
Higher prices
Economic dependence of tourism industry
Direct and indirect employment opportunities
Development of multi/mono-sector
Invigoration and development to local economies
Alternatives tochanging or fading traditional industries
Increases land values, and thus rates payable to council for community services
Improves environment
Encourages awareness and appreciation of natural assets and the environment and other resources on which tourism relies
Enhances management and stewardship of natural resources
Damage or destroy the fragile environment
Environment degradation
Solid waste and littering
Deforestation and intensifiedor unsustainable use of land
Causing natural hazards
Strategic Tourism Recommendations
Consistancy with Policies and Strategies
Collaboration between NAT and other ministers
Agriculture and Rural development
Collaboration between Public and Private sectors
Clear tourism statement
Create and apply Tourist Master Plans
Promote International Tourism
Well-known and desired tourist destination
Low-cost travelling companies
Avoid seasonality. Type of tourism products
Summer - Promote Black Sea
Winter - Promote Skii holidays
Halloween - Promote Dracula tours
Combined Tours

Tourism Funding Figures
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