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period 3 Donaghy- Robinson

No description

maryann carroll

on 6 February 2014

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Transcript of period 3 Donaghy- Robinson

Can certain cats swim?
Cats can swim although they dislike water. One of these cats is the Flat- Headed cat. These cat should have been called the fishing cat, for it is an expert swimmer. An adaption to swimming made its paws webbed. A second cat would be the fishing cat. They are great swimmers, and they go underwater for food, sometimes.
Which ones?
The fishing cats habitat is by water riversides, swamps, and marshlands. the flat- headed cats habitat is very similar. there habitat includes forests and scrubs they also like to be near water. there is also the couger. The couger can be located in Canada. It can swim, but it tends to avoid water.
Interesting facts!
Tigers can swim, but it is a rare sight. A rare white tiger will swim for its dinner sometimes. Rare indian tigers don't mind the water they actually prefer to soak in it.
rare indian tiger
rare white tiger
flat- headed cat
fishing cat
"cerf" [2013], http;//cerfinfo.com/cerf ci/
"elibrary" [2007],
Presented By:
Madolyn Donaghy- Robinson
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