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No description

Olivia Waters

on 27 May 2015

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Transcript of Fear

"Their house has been burglarized four times in the last three and a half years, the last time, three weeks ago..."
"Zo's mother, who works as a checker in a grocery store, has an evening shift-something that doesn't happen very often. Zo is home alone."

: He's frozen with fear, his legs are rubber, his armpits drip with sweat, his palms are soaked.

: You'll be the ones who are scared! If you think I'm lying, count ten seconds and listen for sirens-I'm gonna call 911 right now!
"It's a dark night; a winter breeze is blowing along the street outside-not cold, but not warm either. There is a dark feeling to the evening."
(pg. 134)
The door to that room is closed, but it's a weak door, loosely hanging on old hinges. There is over an inch of space between the bottom of the door and the floor.
Zo slides down the wall against which he's been leaning. He pulls his knees up to his chest and forms a small ball there on the floor. He's frozen with fear. His legs are rubber, his armpits drip with sweat, and his palms are soaked as he tries to grip the taped handle of the baseball bat. His arms turn to lead...
Olivia Waters,

Morgan Hoffman-Smith,

Jack Gaba

Block 4 AC
"Fear. Zo hates fear."
But the lure of candy and of buying popcorn for all his friends at the school popcorn sale had proven too much of a temptation to resist- soon the ten was ancient history, just like his dad.

Zo freezes. He quietly lowers the spoon back into the bowl and sets it on the table in front if him. Moving as silently as he can, he tiptoes over to the hall closet where his aluminum baseball bat leans against the wall just inside the door. He quietly pulls the bat out and grips it.

By Terry Trueman
...suddenly Zo hears something. It's a very distinctive sound, and he recognizes it instantly. Somebody outside is messing with the window in the spare bedroom at the back of the house, the room that his mother uses for sewing.
Soon the ten was ancient history, just like his dad.
Frozen with Fear
Dynamic Character
"Zo feels such shame at his cowardice; he knows he is a coward."
"Thinking about his shame, he realizes and flashes in an instant, 'I'd rather be dead than this afraid.' "
"Zo finds the strength to fight back...
Something happens inside his chest- somehow he is able to breathe again, able to think. And now he feels angry."
" 'You'll be the ones who are scared!' "

You have to stand up to your fears in order to overcome them.
We believe that the short story, Fear is better as a short story than a novel.
Fear has only one climax
The rising action and falling action are relatively short
There is not enough action to make a novel
The conflict is too short to develop into a novel
The main character develops too quickly
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