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7 Choi, Yejin - The Hero's Journey and Green Lantern

No description

Yejin Choi

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of 7 Choi, Yejin - The Hero's Journey and Green Lantern

Characters Green Lantern Corps Hal Jordan Hal's father died while he was test flying a plane. And Hal was there when the plane exploded and killed his father. When Hal grows up he follows his father's footsteps and become a test pilot for Ferris Aircraft. Main character When the ring chooses him to be a Green Lantern, he learns to be more responsible. He stops the Guardians and Sinestro from using a ring of fear to defeat Parallax, an enemy who feeds on fear. He defeats Parallax and saves Earth and the Green Lanterns. HERO Thaal Sinestro Threshold Guardian Thought humans were weak at first and didn't accept Hal as a Green Lantern. But after Hal defeated Parallax, he accepts him. Green Lantern of Sector 1417 Abin Sur Herald Dies from a wound he got from fighting Parallax. And is replaced by Hal. Defeated Parallax the first time and locked him in the Lost Sector. But Parallax later comes back after getting strength by feeding off of fear. Green Lantern of Sector 2814 From the planet Ungara The Guardians Guardians of the Universe Immortals Founded the Green Lantern Corps Originated from the planet Malthus Possess great intelligence, awareness, durability, and psionic powers Parallax Parallax Shadow Was a Guardian of the Universe, Krona, but became Parallax after being consumed by the yellow light of fear. Was imprisoned in the Lost Sector by Abin Sur. Later escaped and killed Abin Sur. Gained strength by feeding on the fear of others. Came to Earth but was defeated by Hal. Hector Hammond Trickster Was a science teacher at a high school. Son of the U.S. senator, Robert Hammond. Becomes infected by Parallax's DNA when he was performing an autopsy on Abin Sur. He then gets telekinetic and telepathic powers. Was a childhood friend of Hal and Carl. But he secretly loved Carol Killed his own father and tried to kill Hal too. Failed to kill Hal so he was killed by Parallax. Carol Ferris Mentor, Shapeshifter, Goddess Hal's boss and childhood friend. But later girlfriend. Vice President of her father's company, Ferris Aircraft. Saved by Hal many times when she was in danger because of Hector. Was able to convince Hal to save the world and defeat Parallax. How does the ring work? The ring is controlled by will, the strongest source of energy in the universe. A Green Lantern is as strong as his will. Fear is the enemy of will. Emerald Energy of Will Power. Green Central Power Battery charges Lantern charges Ring Trailer Works Cited
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