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Refugees coming to Australia

No description

Lachlan Huynh

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Refugees coming to Australia

China Australia Amount of Refugees
Coming To
Australia What Are Refugees? Refugee= People displaced from home nation attempting to flee to a new nation in hopes of being protected from physical, emotional or political persecution. Stats Australia Allows: 13, 750 refugees yearly
13, 014 in 07-8
13, 507 in 08-9
13, 770 in 09-10
13, 799 in 10-11

Australia Spends: 1 billion on refugees
Which is 0.003% of GDP (not much) Unused Land: 400, 000 squared kilometers
This is larger than 73% of all countries
Australia's Total Area: 7, 617, 930 squared kilometers

Centrelink Benefits: $0 (wasn't what you thought it would be)
Amount of Asylum Seekers who were Refugees: 97% Most Amount Of
Onshore Grants
Goes To .... They have 412 onshore grants in the
06-07 year. Amount of Onshore Grants By Australia
(2006-2007) China- 412
Sri Lanka- 363
Iraq- 158
Iran- 61
Pakistan- 52 Egypt- 50Burma- 42
Bangladesh- 40
India- 37
Other- 484
Total- 1699 Visas Given Asia/Pacific- 38.6%
Middle East/ South West Asia- 31.8%
Africa- 29.2%
Europe and Africans- .4% 2009-2010 Iraq Most amount of offshore processing Amount of Offshore Grants By Australia
(2009-2010) Iraq- 2151
Burma- 1443
Afghanistan- 1027
Bhutan- 1001
Congo (DRC)- 565 Ethiopia- 381
Sri Lanka- 289
Iran- 271
Sudan- 243
Somalia- 190
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