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Geometry Scavenger Hunt

No description

Jiovanni Marshall

on 23 September 2014

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Transcript of Geometry Scavenger Hunt

Collinear points
This is a picture of a football. The laces on the football are collinear points because there are on the same line.
2 parrallel lines
This is a picture of a football field and the 10 yard line represents parallel lines because the never intersect or touch.
Acute Triangle
This is a picture of seats in a stadium that fold into a angle that is less than 90 degrees that relates to an acute triangle.
Segment Bisector
Obtuse Triangle
Non-collinear points
Geometry scavenger Hunt
2 Perpendicular lines
a pair of opposite
A pair of vertical angles formed by 2 intersecting lines
A line intersecting a plane
Right Triangle
A pair of adjacent angles

2 parallel planes
Angle bisector
This is a picture of the edge of an soccar field.
This relates to a right angle because the edge of
the soccar field is exactly a 90 degree angle like
a right triangle.
This is a photo of a golf Club that is formed above 90 degrees that relates to an obtuse triangle.
This is a picture of a tennis court . this relates to perpendicular line because the lines are intersecting each other creating a 90 degree angle.
This is a picture of ice Ski's. These are placed in a pair of adjacent angles because they have a common side and a common vertex.
This is a picture of a soccar ball being kicked into a soccer goal. This relates to vertical angles being formed by 2 intersecting lines because a soccer net line are intersecting to each other making vertical lines.
This is a picture of a basketball court . the half court line intersecting the circle in the middle of the court relates to a line intersecting a plane.

This is a baseball field. The baseball field can be a angle bisector because a line can split the angle into two equal angles.
This is a picture of hash marks on the side line of a football field. these are non- collinear points because there not on a line.
This is a picture a the ohio state basketball stadium. the roof and the basketball court can represent parallel planes because there not intersecting.
This is a picture of a compass bank golf ball. The compass on the golf ball has a line with two rays with a common endpoint facing opposite directions.
This is a LSU stadium with windows. The Windows on the stadium can represent segment bisector by the lines intersecting each other dividing the line segment into two equal parts.
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