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El Salvador's "Fourteen Families"

Economies of extraction, state of oligarchy

Anna Swanson

on 9 February 2012

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Transcript of El Salvador's "Fourteen Families"

El Salvador's "Fourteen Famlies" the start of it all... 1821 Independence! 1880 beginnings of the oligarchy... abolishment of communal land Oligarchy? n. small group of people having control of a country , organization or institution The Depression 1930's coffee crisis! price drop 60% lower wages, labor cuts 1931 progressive leader wins election military coup 1932 communists! enhanced repression let's address the readings Acemolgu, Johnson and Robinson:
Reversal of Fortune Thesis: relatively poor countries pre-Hispanic rule developed extractive institutions Colonial Origins of Comparative Development massacre: Thesis: Institutions established during colonization explain current institutions. 20,000 dead
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