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1.5 The Legacy of Roman Language and Writing

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candelario rodriguez

on 13 September 2013

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Transcript of 1.5 The Legacy of Roman Language and Writing

1.5 The Legacy of Roman Language and Writing
Attaching a prefix to a root word creates a new word with a new meaning. In fact the word prefix was formed this way. It comes from pre-("in front of ") and -fix ("fasten" or "attach").
The words manual and manipulate are derived from the Latin word manus meaning "hand".

We learned that the legacy of Roman writting and language is important in our lives today because Roman letters are still used on things that we use today.We use them on clocks, sundials,and even some of the first pages on books.
In what ways does Roman
culture still influence us
today ?

How do we still show their
amazing culture ?

What do we do that shows
our love for the culture ?
After the fall of the empire, Latin continued to be used by scholars and the Roman catholic church.
Scribes use Latin to create important documents while European nobles learned Latin so they could communicate with their peers in other countries.
We still use the Latin alphabet although Latin has 23 letters and English has 26.
Many English words start with Latin prefixes.
A prefix is a word part placed at the beginning of a word that carries its own meaning.
Latin still influences us today.
We use their calender today.
"October means eight month."
"September means the seventh month."
They are still is important in law, medicine, and religion.
We still use Latin prefixes.
Latin proverbs are even still in use.We even still use Roman numerals on clocks, sundials, and the first pages of books.They may also be on buildings and some movie credits to show what year in which they were made.
By: Kaitlynne, Makenzie,
Candelario, and Isis

Core 2 9/12/13
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