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Club Penguin

A presentation of the Island and other stuff

About H.

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of Club Penguin

By Lanertro The Island Club Penguin was created by
Lance Priebe & Lane Merrifield
based on web games created
by New Horizonts History Club Penguin is a multiplayer
game where you control a penguin
as your "avatar" Getting Started These Penguins live on an island made of ICE
The island have a lot of places
with interesting activities to do ... These are the Penguins (PSA) To know the complete history, visit:
(Thanks to Wikipedia) This, is the map The Mountain The Ski Village The Beach The Dock The Town The Stadium (Ice Rink in winter) Snow Forts The Plaza The Mine The Dojo The Cove The Ice Berg The Forest And...
The Opened Igloos But those are not the only places, because there are many others inside buildings or underground ... ... The Club Penguin Team has
created some videos... Best Seat in the House This Prezi hasn't been finished yet... They just found
Herbert... EVERYDAY
FACILITY The Agents That's all for now... Waddle on CP The Island keeps safe thanks to
a group of penguins... The PSA was the first Agency created
to protect the Island. It means: Penguin Secret Agency Unfortunately, its Head Quarters
were destroyed by a Polar Bear This is Herbert P. Bear And his assistant Klutzy (The Villian) So, after the PSA HQ was destroyed, a new agency came.... The Elite Penguin Force (EPF) This is the
EPF Building REMEMBER That this Prezi isn't finished yet...
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