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English4callcenters .com

on 5 October 2014

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Transcript of Robots

Vocabulary Fill in the Blank
Complete the sentences with the correct vocabulary words; then answer the question.
Pronunciation Practice
Toyota robots band
NOA Thriller
violinist robot
By the end of this lesson you will be able to:
Warm up
Toyota Robot
Do you think robot workers are more effective than human workers? Why or why not?
Grammar Practice
Talk about connecting words.
Vocabulary Definitions
How many of these words do you know? Choose a word and give a sentence.
Phrasal verbs
Role Play
Choose a role and act it with a partner. Take turns.
Watch session 1 pronunciation workshop
Answer the question. Listen to your classmate's answers.
Talk about the idea of artificial intelligence.
Discuss different types of robots.
Discuss robot technology around the world
What is happening in this picture?
What is a robot?
Do you agree with the idea of making robots like humans?
High tech
The factory robots are ____________. They work without human help.

Robots are more ________________ than people at some types of work.

Many machines have_______technology. It's difficult to understand.

Humans have an ______________ side, but robots don't feel emotions.

The flowers are______________________________________. They are not real.

Robots have gone through many_____ improvements. Their designs have improved
Example: I think human workers are more effective because they can solve problems independently.
Connecting words are used to join ideas. They are very helpful when telling a story. It is important to choose the correct word for your purpose
To tell things that happened in order
To show why
Words to choose from...
First, next, last
Therefore, as a result
First bought a robot. Then we learned how to use it. Last we showed our friends
The robot is broken. Therefore I will have to vacuum the floor myself.
A: You got hired by a Big robots company and they released a new revolutionary Robot, Sell this robot to your friend.
B: You bought a new Super Robot but it doesn't work, you want your money back. call the company .
Have you ever seen a movie with robots?
Learn 3 phrases from the video and give your own example
Example: my computer broke down
break down
: to become non functional
Example: The robot got stuck
get stuck
: to stop working
Has your cellphone broken down?
Has your computer gotten stuck?
Disccuss the phrasal verbs and answer the questions
Possible Job Interview question
Answer the question
How do you think life will be in the future?
Examples: I think that in the future , we will have flying cars, robots everywhere , everything will automatic.
Give your opinion to your classmates.
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