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Audi A1 Creative/Design Strategy Brief

No description

Steve Birnbaum

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of Audi A1 Creative/Design Strategy Brief

Steve Birnbaum Audi A1 Creative/Design Strategy Brief What Typical Luxury Car Brands Advertise: Young, Affluent Consumers: The Concept: Subcompact Car Owners:
Are young (18-34)
Are engaged or never married
Have young or no children
Make a good living
Are college educated
Enjoy FUEL TV, IFC, Palladia HD, The Economist, GQ, and Wired Romanticized visions of privileged lifestyles
Respect for tradition, status, performance, and elegance
Stylish design
Fuel efficiency

Audi, while the most progressive luxury brand, still relies on these ethos in their marketing campaigns. Young, affluent consumers would reject this traditional advertising. To reach the A1's audience, Audi needs to move further toward modern luxury marketing. Have higher awareness and enthusiasm for technology
Have a strong desire for material goods
Are rarely home
Embrace change and new ideas
Have more distaste toward advertising in general

Successfully marketing to young, affluent consumers will prove impossible with typical luxury car advertising. Week 1:
Use Audi’s 300,000+ followers on Twitter and 6,000,000+ likes on Facebook to the A1’s advantage. Slowly leak information about a new Audi coming to the US. Be mysterious. At the end of Week 1, announce that their newest car can be found at @StarttheAudiRevolution and a similarly named dedicated Facebook page.

Week 2:
Slowly release cryptic pictures of the new car on the new car’s social pages. A day later, put the same content on Audi USA’s pages with a link to the new car’s pages. Throughout the week on both the new accounts and the Audi USA accounts, hint that followers/people who like the new accounts will help begin a revolution. Place a digital countdown for the start of the revolution ending on 3 PM, Day 1 of Week 3 on both Facebook and audiusa.com. At the end of the week, announce the car is the A1 and release stylish and edgy photos of the car.

Week 3:
Unleash the revolution. American Audi Car Owners:
Are middle aged (45-64)
Are or were married
Have children
Make a good living
Are college educated
Enjoy Bloomberg TV, CNN, Golf Channel, Food & Wine magazines, and In Style Every two hundred followers/people who like the page or every one hundred people who share the page/retweet one of the A1’s tweets will be a “sponsor group.” Each successful sponsor group will get both their names/Twitter handles written on the case used to ship (Audi has no US factories) a new A1 and a code to download the A1 app, where you can chat with other sponsors, take a virtual tour of an A1, get directions to the nearest dealer to preorder an A1, and chat with Audi customer service. A picture is taken of each A1 case and posted on the A1’s Twitter/Facebook pages. Showing the picture with “your” A1 to the dealer where you preorder an A1 gives you a discount off the MSRP. Once you’re part of a sponsor group, you can’t be part of another one.

Each successfully sponsored A1 brought to America will be added to a live ticker on top of the Facebook and audiusa.com page. The Revolution: The A1 is a subcompact car by Audi. In America, there is dissonance between the typical Audi owner and the typical subcompact car owner. Given Audi is a luxury car brand and the A1 is a subcompact car, the A1 should be marketed toward young, affluent consumers. The best way to reach these consumers given the allocated budget is through social media. Rejects the unadventurous ideas of old luxury
Appeals to a smart consumer who enjoys breaking the mold
Replaces the old vision of privileged life with progressive style and innovative intelligence Modern Luxury Marketing:
Every two hundred followers/likes or one hundred shares/retweets the A1’s pages get will bring another A1 to America. Users bring the A1 to America.
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