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Tiana and shayal

No description

guildford public

on 28 June 2013

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Transcript of Tiana and shayal

By:Tiana and Shayal
Large intestine
Small intestine
Most important part of the body
The food that you eat goes into your small intestine that's where all the food gets sorted out if it is bad then it would go in the large intestine all the good food you eat goes back to your stomach.
After your food has gone through your large intestine it goes into your anus.
The Digestive system
First you chew your food and it will mix up with saliva.
After you chew your food it goes through your esophagus .
After it goes through your esophagus it goes into your stomach and stays in there for a while depends what kind of food you eat.
The part where i said all the bad food you eat goes through your large intestine well that's what i am talking about right now. All the bad food goes through your large intestine where the food well you know it turns into poo and goes to your anus and gives you the signal when to go to toilet.
I think the most important body part is your whole body because if you didn't have your body you wouldn't stay alive or be a human.What do you think the most important body part is?
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