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What is a point?

An introduction to undefined terms in geometry

Erik Johnson

on 31 August 2010

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Transcript of What is a point?

Let's start with the basics.... What is a point? a dot a location zero dimensions fixed in space "that which has no part"
-Euclid Best definition? but it isn't
really a point,
is it? this is a point. (and neither is this) Mathematicians call this an "undefined term" because even they can't
figure out a way to describe it Undefined terms like "point" and "line" are the foundations of geometry Wait... why is
"line" undefined? isn't this a line? who knows? what are the characteristics of a line? are these things we've been following "lines"? The third important undefined
term is "plane" No. No. A plane is a flat 2-D surface
that extends forever in all directions ...this. kind of like.... No. Hmmm.... lemme think... it's kinda hard to explain I guess a plane is something like....
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