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The Graveyard Book

No description

Lesly G

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of The Graveyard Book

The Graveyard Book
Author- Neil Gaiman
By- Lesly Gomez
3rd period Plot 1. A man named Jack kills almost an entire family, but the baby. When- past tense
Where- graveyard and town
Mood- tense because at any moment Bod could get killed. Vocabulary 1. Pester: trouble or annoy someone- verb. synonym= harass- pg. 35. Sent.= He would pester the graveyard folk. Theme Overview Theme: Courage and bravery beat fear and deception. Setting Quotes about setting:
1. " There was a wasteland beyond that."
2. " A mass of nettles and weeds. A old chapel with ivy growing out of it. Headstones half knocked over and half gone." In this special graveyard Bod has many powers. Outside of the graveyard their not as powerful. If the setting changed, Bod probably wouldn't have survived against all 5 killers.( The plot would change) Also, Bod's character would be the complete opposite if he didn't live in the graveyard.( <--- main setting - Bod's home.) 2. Renovate: to make life new again-verb. Synonym= rebuild- pg.115. Sent.= They are going to renovate the chapel soon. 3. Pertly- Impudently bold- adj. Synonym= bold. Pg- 173. Sent.= How pertly of you. 4. Lapel: the part of a garment folded back- noun. Synonym= flap- pg.74. Sent.= She pinned a white flower to the lapel of his suit. 2. The baby boy gets away and finds refuge in graveyard. 3. The spirits of the graveyard took the living boy in as its own. Whilst Jack was still lurking around in the outside world. 4. The boy now named Bod for Nobody grows up in the graveyard not knowing that he is still hunted down. 5. Ever since Bod found his knew home he got a guardian named Silas. Silas searches the country for Jack but instead encounters all of his "colleagues". No one ever saw them again. 6. During that time Bod meets a girl named Scarlett. They had various adventures, but soon after she moves to Scotland. 7. As Bod continued to grow up his "scent" gets stronger and half way across the country Jack "smells" him. 8. When Bod turns 14 Scarlett moved back to that previous town and finds Bod. Both not realizing Jack is watching them. 5. Remnants: a remaining, usually small part, quantity- noun. Synonym= remains- pg 143. Sent.= the remnants of the greatest and honored. Character Overview *Bod- Brave: "This is my home, even if I die, I'll die for this graveyard." pg. 264 *Silas- Lonely: " I don't fit in. I'm not living, nor am I dead. It gets lonely sometimes." pg. 38 * Mrs. Lupescu- Proud: " I'm proud to be a Hound of God. Our creator has gifted us with this amazing honor." pg. 240 * Scarlett- Quick-Tempered: " I hate my stupid school, parents, and the world!" pg. 212 * Jack Frost- Cruel: " So what? I killed the family and I wish... I WISH I killed you when you were a baby!" pg. 278 Images Neil Gaiman cover Bod when he was 10 i. The meaning of this book is basically just stating the setting. iii. The conflict is resolved by the Jacks of All Trades Organization is forever gone and Bod leaves the graveyard to explore " EVERYTHING" in the world. ii. Some repeated phrase are- " I want to go out into the world. I want to be a normal person." iv. The main characters learn that the world is not made up of heroes only. They're villains as well. 9. One night, with Silas gone, Jack and 4 of his "colleagues" try to murder Bod and Scarlett. 10.Bod traps three of them in a ghoul gate, One in a deep pit and lastly takes Jack inside a mountain which then engulfs him. 11.Scarlett's memory is erased and she is sent away leaving Bod lonely. Afterward Bod is having trouble with his powers and he can't see most spirits anymore. 12. Silas then tells Bod that he is all grown up and no longer needs the graveyard anymore. After saying goodbye, Bod finally gets to leave the graveyard forever. Exposition Rising Action Climax Falling Action Resolution Proof: " Bod wanted to go away and hide, but he couldn't let fear take over him. This was his home and no one, NO ONE, will take that away from him. They wanted a fight, they got one, Overall Message: Life is bumpy and for most people unpleasant, but even during those moments find something to smile about.
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