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We Were Liars

No description

on 8 September 2014

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Transcript of We Were Liars

- Cadence ("Cady") Sinclair, a 17 year old from a wealthy family, is telling us the story of events that took place when she was 15.
-Cady was raised to believe that you put on a happy face no matter what. She can only remember the events she is describing from that summer two years ago; none of her other family members will respond to her messages since that summer and she hasn't been allowed back to the island of Beachwood (the island near Martha's Vineyard where she and her mother spent every summer since she was born) since the summer she was 15.
- The main character Candence (Cady) explains how they are all told to put a smile on their face no matter what is going on.
- Cady's father had just left them and they are going off to the island for summer "fifteen"(she is 15 years old).
- The people she spends time with on the island are her cousins Johnny and Mirrin and Johnny's bestfriend Gat.
-Johnny and Mirrin are the children of her mothers two sister.
- Summer 15 Cady falls in love with Gat and they start a romantic relationship.
- Johnny, Cady, Mirrin and Gat go on with their summer playing in the water and doing all kinds of fun stuff.
- Then Cadys grandmother Tipper died leaving her grandad alone.
- All the sisters start fighting about her stuff and the island turns to madness.
- Cady's mother keeps trying to get her to convince her grandad to give her all the stuff because Cady is the oldest child.
- Then Cady sees herself with only a tank top and underwear on and no clothes left on the beach.
- By herself she floats out to the water hits her head on the rocks and sinks.
- It is now summer 17 and Cady's mother has decided to let her return to Beachwood for the summer.
- Cady's once bleach blond hair is now black and her once sun kissed skin is white and colorless.
- Her father took her to Europe summer 16. She had been writing her cousins and Gat and no one has responded.
- They arrive back to Beachwood to see all of her cousins, Gat and a brand new Clairmont(where her grandad lives).

- Everyone acts normally around Cady until the question of what happened 2 summers ago is brought up; no one is suppoed to talk about it.
- Gat, Johnny and Mirrin have moved into a house by themselves.
- Cady is always there but is not allowed to move there because of her frequent headaces due to the accident that happened 2 summers ago.
- As the story goes on, things get more and more strange.
- Mirrin is getting very sick, her aunt Carrie(Johnny's mother) is walking around alone outside at night, and Clairmont is completley empty dark and depressing instead of its usual bright and happy feel.
- One night Johnny starts to tell Cady what happened and it all rushes back to her.
- They were all sick of hearing their parents and grandad fight about grandma Tippers things.
- So one night after a huge fight when they all left the island, Johnny, Cady, Mirrin and Gat decided to set fire to Clairmont.
-Cady sets fire to the first floor while the others spread through the second floor and basement. She ran out of the house waiting for the others but no one came. She ran around trying to look for them but she realized they were still in the now burning house.
- She tried to run back into the house to save them but her pants started to burn so she ran out to the beach and went in the water.

- They were dead. Johnny, Gat and Mirrin were dead.
- She had imagined them the whole summer.
- Her aunts told her it wasn't her fault.
- No one was mad at her and she always felt she had a part of them with the her.
The Sinclair family believed in putting on a happy face regardless of the problems they were having. The teen age members of this family couldn't express their emotions and how upset they were about the fighting. Their response was to set the house on fire to get rid of the problem rather than to resolve it. Even after this happened, and the family members died, Cady was not told of their death so she could continue to act "normally". The family continued to deny the problems even after such a tragic event.
E. Lockhart reading We Were Liars
She is reading the first page and a very important passage of this book because it gives us a good overview of what the family is really like.
By: Julia Healey
We Were Liars
E. Lockhart

Character development
Through the book Cady becomes more and more comfortable with herself. At the begining of the book, Cady is not happy with the way her family fights for money. She is also depressed because of her father leaving them. As the book goes on, she comes to terms with herself and realizes she needs to make a change to her family and her life. Even after she finds out she was the only survivor from that fire, she still feels comfortable with what they did because she was making a change and she helped her family. Cady says at the end of the book, "My full name is Cadence Sinclair Eastman.I suffer migraines. I do not suffer fools. I like twist of meaning. I endure." Chapter 87
This is the map of Beachwood at the begining of the book
This was Cadence's moto at the end of the book and Johnny, Mirrin and Gat started to live by it too. She took chances at the end and started living a little. She wrote it on the back of her hand for inspiration .
This quote shows why the title of the book is what it is. The book is the story of how those lies impacted all of their lives.
"My full name is Cadence Sinclair Eastman.
I live in Burlington, Vermont, with Mummy and three dogs.
I am nearly eighteen.
I own a well used library card, an envelope full of dry beach roses, a book of fairy tales, and a handful of lovely purple rocks. Not much else.
I am
the perpetrator
of a foolish, deluded crime
that became a tragedy.

This is my favorite paragraph because I feel like it sums up the story very nicely. I feel like she gets closure with herself and with the events that happen. Its just a good way to know that she owned up to the events that happened and that her life will just continue on like that.
I enjoyed the book and I would suggest it to anybody, young teen and older. I liked the way the author wrote some chapters in story form about a king who had three daughters and then explained the situation. I also liked the setting, I was reading on the beach and I felt like I was in the book. The setting seemed very realistic for this old money family; it just made sense. One last thing I liked was the ending. The ending was such a surprise that I didn't see coming and that, to me, is a well written story. In the end, I would recommend this book to everyone who is looking for a romantic story with a twist.
Thank you




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