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Ancient Persia

No description

Sumayyah Faisal

on 29 September 2016

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Transcript of Ancient Persia

Ancient Persia
The Persian Empire was established in 550 BC.
It was the largest empire ever established.
The empire was divided into 20 provinces.
The empire was part desert and part green land and stretched from Egypt to the Black Sea to India.The Persian Empire was based in what
is now known as Iran.
Ancient Persia manufactured:
-rugs and carpets
-musical instruments
Natural Resources
In Ancient Persia there was only wood and stone, because most of the gold and iron was unreachable at the time. Ancient Persians got access to those resources by trading. Part of Persia was a desert, which meant that they had to use engineering to move the water from the wells so as to build their cities there.
-Ancient Persia traded by road and by sea.
-Persians traded for jewels, gemstones, spices, gold and iron.
-Persians exchanged silk, herbs, glass, ceramics and many other things.
• The Persians and the Medes became one group and lived together. They were distantly related to the Greeks and Romans and spoke a similar language.

• In 559BC Cyrus made himself king and from then on the Persians were in charge. Cyrus took over the rest of West Asia. He is known as a good ruler who united many different people with their own cultures and religions and added them to the Persian Empire.

• When Cyrus died his son Cambyses became king. He added Egypt to the Persian Empire. When Cambyses died, Darius took over the throne. He was a distant cousin of Cyrus and Cambyses.

• Darius moved the Persian capital to the city of Persepolis, and hired workmen to work on the new buildings there.
Prezi! :)
By: Parisi
and Yossra
-Ancient Persia was a very nice empire!
-The people they conquered were allowed to continue their lives and cultures and keep their religion.
-The Ancient Persian religion was called Zoroastrianism.
-The Persians believed in one God called Ahura Mazda.

And you know it! :)
Persian farmers grew wheat, barley, olives and wine. They raised animals like cattle, sheep and goats. Hunting and fishing were also very important food sources. To keep their crops and animals watered, they made an irrigation system with underground canals.
- Architecture was very common in Ancient Persia.
-The Persians were inspired by Greek columns.
- Greek columns became a very popular structure in Ancient Persia.
-Persian Palaces had statues of animals at their gates. This was meant to protect the palaces from harm.
In ancient Persia, art consisted of architecture, painting, sculpture, metalwork and goldsmithing. Persia is one of the earliest civilizations in the history of art. In ancient Persia, they decorated their goblets and bowls with symmetrical designs animals, especially water birds. The subject in most Persian art is nature.
Golden gryphon bracelet
Ancient persian goblet
Winged lion
Ancient persian fish art
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