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Portfolio Management


Prezibase Designs

on 22 January 2016

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Transcript of Portfolio Management

It’s not just people in portfolio management that will find this useful i.e. portfolio managers, portfolio directors, and portfolio office teams. Project managers, programme managers, PMO’s, business analysts and anyone else with an interested in how businesses can achieve their organisations strategy.
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Separate elements
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This template and many more available at

This is a summary of white paper about portfolio management, also known as
Project portfolio management.

There are two main standards for portfolio management in the worlds.
The second is called
Management of portfolios (MoP),
which is owned by the AXELOS and the UK Government.
One is called
“the standard for portfolio management”
owned by PMI.
The white paper provides a comparison of both, including the
key similarities and differences.
It also gives you some
pointer for next steps.
What is
portfolio management?
Portfolio managemet enables organisations to deliver their strategies by enabling better investment in the right projects, helping people manage all the projects correctly , harness the energy of the teams to deliver the changes at the same time as keeping the organisational engine running.
Why is
portfolio management
popular today?
The recession made everyone think more about their investments in projects,
we don’t have money to waste any more.
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