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No description

Jen Fleaster

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of RE GCSE

RE GCSE Christianity Christians only believe in one God. Christians are monotheists. This means that they believe there is only one God. It is very difficult to describe God, because everyday language is always about ordinary things but God is not ordinary.
Islam Muslims believe that there is one God,
Allah, and that this oneness is central to their spirituality.

They believe Allah to be;
Omniscient (knows all things)
Omnipotent (can do anything, is all-powerful)
And the one God of all time and all humankind Good and Evil Natural Evil Natural evil is suffereing caused by events such as natural disasters, they include earthquakes, floods, volcanoes and more. They are to do with the way the world is. Moral Evil Moral evil is caused by humans through the acts of rape, bullying, murder and terroism. Sometimes Moral and Natural evil can work together, humans can make natural evil worse or better, for example if there is an earthquake humans can make it worse by looting stores although they can also help by giving aid to those in need. Islam Islam teaches that everyone is born with a natural instint which helps them differ right from wrong. You are also born with free will which is where you make your choice to lead your life the right way or wrong way. Christianity It is taught that God gives free will to deter right from wrong and tells you how to live via the ten commandments and Jesus' teachings.
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