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Elements of Poetry

Clark Owen's project on the elements of poetry.

Clark Owen

on 16 May 2011

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Transcript of Elements of Poetry

I'm skipping stones
at the edge of the dock
A fog came rolling in,
quiet like a hawk
The river's so smooth,
it could shatter with a rock
It felt like I was walking on water

Then the doctor's daughter
came and dove right in
Lord Almighty,
She's in nothing but skin
I could turn my head
but she may never come again
She's filling the sky
with her laughter

Elements Of Poetry

You're shaking the timbers
You're rattling the leaves
theres a full moon rising
in front of me
come and stake your claim in my memory

Did the good Lord send you
down to deliver me
Come lay your head in a bed of leaves
I am here, I am yours for the taking Well, around about midnight
on a riverboat ride
I'm a mandolin jukebox
and Annie's at my side
One bottle empty,
one waiting like a bride
She's dancing like light on the water

We've got six weeks till college
Six weeks and then we're gone
Oh, life is like a river
And the river's rolling on
So come on, Annie
you taste like brandy
will you kiss me awake come morning?

(Chorus) I can't promise a lifetime of tomorrows
What tomorrow brings God only knows
I know this about tomorrow
We're filling it with sorrow
if we let tonight just end

(Chorus) A simile is a comparison between two unlike things using like or as. In this example, the singer is comparing a fog rolling in to the stealth of a hawk. A metaphore is a figure of speech that implies a comparison between to unlike objects. In this example, the singer compares himself to a "mandolin jukebox," meaning he is singing. Repition is the use of a word, sound, phrase, clause, or sentence more than once. In this example, the chorus of the song is repeated more than once. The tone of a poem is the writer's attitude towards his or her work. The tone in this song is blissful, because he states "Did the good Lord send you down to deliver me?" Personification is a type of figurative language where non-human objects are given human characteristics. In this example, the artist is comparing a bottle of brandy to a bride. A symbol is an object or idea that represents a different object or idea entirely. In this example, "and the river's rolling on" represents how life will keep going no matter what. A hyperbole is an extreme exaggeration. In this example, the artist states, "the river's so smooth it could shatter with a rock," meaning the river was very calm. The theme of a poem is the message that it sends to the reader. In this example, the theme is love and living life to the fullest. Alliteration is the repitition of initial consonant sounds. In this example, the artist repeats the "s" sound to add the affect of a quiet whisper. An allusion is a reference to a well-known person, place, literary work, or work of art. In this example, the artist is saying that the woman is as beautiful as an angel, and the Lord has sent her to him. By: Clark Owen The End
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