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Sabrina's Timeline

A timeline of MY life!!


on 30 March 2011

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Transcript of Sabrina's Timeline

Sabrina's Timeline! 1997: I was born at Trinity Hospital November, 9. 1997:
I was born (Nov. 9th)
first sheep cloned Program made in Hong Kong to exterminate chickens 1998:
I'm 2
Titanic(best movie ever)
wins oscar
I turn 1! Happy 1st B-day!
Titanic (best movie ever) wins multiple oscars 1999:
I turn 2!
world excited for last year of the 20th centry, but also scared of Y2K, afraid that all technology would shut down. 2000:
I'm 3 years old!
George W. Bush wins
election against Al Gore 2001:
My little brother was
9/11 terrorists attack twin
towers in NY 2002:
My mom's sister dies. :(
may be only palindrome year in my lifetime 2003:
Iraq war starts

Scientists find 350,000 year
old footprints in Italy 2004: I am 7 and Venus makes its first
solar transit (when it comes between Earth and the sun) since 1886 Hi! 2005: I am 8 and my brother is 4.
This is the only time I will be twice
as old as him. I am also hospitalized
for pneumonia. People on the Gulf of
Mexico are also suffering tragedy... Hurricane Katrina does horrible damage leaving thousands dead or homeless 2006: My baby sister was born! :) (yes that was a real picture of her, not google) I am accepted into the challenge program, an advanced class for gifted students. 2007: I am 10 now. Double digits! Torandos
tear up the South killing 20 or more! Luckily though, my Southern-dwelling grandparents went undamaged 2008: I am in 5th grade and it is time for another election, Barrack Obama wins becoming the first African American president. 2009: I start my last year of Elementry school. A plane crashes into
the Hudson
river miracul-
ously sparing the lives of all 155 on board 2010: My tranfer over to Washington Junior High is accepted and I begin school there. I turn 13, making me a teenager at last. 2011: Not much has happened so far this year, considering it is only March. My friends and I were awarded 2nd place at the Math Counts competition. I will begin 8th grade at Washington this year. THE END :) I hope you enjoyed my prezi timeline! also... Our mathcounts team!
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