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MADONNA brand book

A project done by the students of the HAN University to reposition the brand MADONNA for the 13 year-olds.

Sabina Baciu

on 18 May 2011

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Transcript of MADONNA brand book


Project brief
Analysis: brand Madonna
Main findings
New positioning
Brand movie 1. Project brief Reposition the brand MADONNA in order to appeal to the young audience of 13-year-olds. Problems Competition + Generation gap 2. Analysis “I stand for freedom of expression, doing what you believe in and going after your dreams.” (Madonna) Madonna Louise Ciccone

53 years old

actress, film producer, film director, fashion designer, author, entrepreneur Vision Mission to entertain, to inspire,
to encourage self-expression Values Freedom
Self-confidence Image stages Sexual extravagance Spiritual
Self-exploration Family-centered Bold and masculine
dominance Chameleon identity:

multiple images, same brand values and essence Target group 13-year-olds from the Netherlands

To be part of a group of friends
To be liked & recognized
To have fun Personas MADONNA Positioning Archetype analysis The OUTLAW

Core desire: revolution
Strategy: disrupt, destroy or shock
Gift: outrageousness, radical freedom Kapferer brand prism 3. Main findings Brand essence: freedom of expression
Role: Icon, Idol, Inspiration source
Strong positioning among competition
Archetype: the Outlaw 4. New positioning Problem: To express the brand MADONNA in a “cool” way for the 13-year olds. The New Brand Prism the Cool Godmother flash mobs sleepover
at the Mall pillow fights Color splashes 5. Brand movie http://vimeo.com/18972124
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