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The 13 Colonies

13 Colonies

Camille Davis

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of The 13 Colonies

Southern Colony -Names of Colony
-Rhode Island -Connecticut
-Massachusetts -New Hampshire

-The first settlement was Jamestown, , Virginia.

-The Puritans = Free Man

- Sicknesses Of The Colonies
- Smallpox -Sore Throats
-And More The New England Colony The New England Colonies were for
-Religious Freedom

- Fished For Fish
- Fished For Turtles The New England Colony Middle Colony By Clayton, Camille, Jessica, Isaiah 13 Colonies The Southern Colonies - The Middle Colony -New Jersey -New York, -Pennsylvania -Delaware. -In 1626 Peter Minuit founded New York and called it New Amsterdam. Slaves
- Slaves were not allowed to go to school.
-There were many slaves.
20% of the population in the Southern colonies were slaves. .
-The hot climate made the soil great for farming.
-The Southern Colonies grew tobacco, rice,and indigo, so
there was a lot of slaves. All the Colonies -Most of the colonies were to be free from t he kings
rules about freedom.
-It was very tough for the men in the 13 colonies, they basically had to start from scratch.
-They were used to having workers or slaves, so they were not prepared or ready for the work that lie ahead. -Maryland - North Carolina
- South Carolina - Virginia
- Georgia The Colonies Middle Colony People 's Religious
-Mennonite -Dutch Calvinist - Jewish ------ --Lutheran -Presbyterian - Quaker CD Fact about Peter Minuit on page 4 JT CD JT CD CD CA CD JT CA CD CA CD CA JT QUIZ TIME! QUIZ TIME! Part 2 -What is the name of the man that founded New York and called it New Amsterdam? 1. George Washington 2. Benjamin Franklin 3. Peter Minuit Raise your hand if you think the correct!
If you get it right. CANDY FOR YOU!!!!
-What is one of the middle colonies?
1. New Hampshire
2. Chicago
3. Delaware
4. Mount Rushmore 3. Peter Minuit 4. Aaron Rodgers Sorry no candy now! Just for FUN! CD CA
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