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OverDrive Kindle Book transfer via USB

No description

Linda Hart

on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of OverDrive Kindle Book transfer via USB

OverDrive Kindle Book transfers via USB
First let's download an OverDrive Kindle book
Some publishers prohibit a wireless transfer of their eBooks to Kindle
Why transfer a Kindle book by USB?
OverDrive Kindle books transfer by Wi-Fi only.
Your Kindle might be 3G-only
You don't have access to WiFi
Borrow a Kindle book
on a computer with
internet at www.ebtpl.org
'Confirm & Download'
Check Kindle Book format in the Download menu
Amazon.com delivers the Kindle book
Click 'Continue'
Choose 'Save File'
Connect your Kindle
This may vary by your operating system. Windows 7 is shown here.
Locate your Kindle book
in your Downloads
From Documents,
Click your Downloads Folder
In Downloads, find your Kindle book by title
From your 'Start' Menu, click 'Documents'
Drag your book to your Kindle documents folder
Click & drag
Kite Runner
Right-click on Kindle (E:), then click 'Eject.' Disconnect.
Eject your Kindle
Contact Adult Services
Before we start:
Click on any image to enlarge!
Your Kindle book title should appear on your Homescreen.

You have your Kindle book!
Power up your Kindle
Thank you!
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